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located in Area 51, a part of A.G.M.S, one of the many universes on RPG.

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William walked with Maia allowing her to lead the way, but once they got close to the building, William broke off into the forest. "Look, im thinking these Kids are going to get through to those doors quick and grab the papers. I want to see what we are up against before i try and stop them. If you want stay in the forest with me, and wait untill we see the kids and what they will do. Then we can get a jump on them." William saw a group of mutts and soldiers go into the woods, and another larger group head into the building. William just wanted to sit back and see what was going to unfold.


After listening to Holly he said "Well there you go! Positive thinking." They came to a stop and the doors opened into a small room. the only thing in this room was the one light, and the double doors. "Oh and don't worry about Jason. Im sure he will forgive you." The three walked into the room and Erik Felt he should repeat what should be done before he left them. "Now remember... these people will be armed, and out to stop you. You need to get through the forest, into the building and grab the documents, then bring it back here. Erik went back into the elevator after wishing them good luck, and road the elevator back to the vaults floor to watch what happens.


James Watched as Erik left the room and the elevator doors close behind him. The room wasnt that bright, and James wasnt as sure as Holly. He was worried they would get shot down as soon as those doors open. They would bleed to death only being able to watch the other die... Sure Laila would bring them back... But what about the time they would spend feeling the cold chill of death. She couldnt take that away. Scared, he turned to holly seeing her covered in blood. He shook his head, knowing it was an illusion. Then he saw Holly as she really was. Just a young girl. He never actually knew how old she was, but she was more fearless than him. "Ok Holly..." His voice was more calm. Seeing her fearlessness calmed him, and as far as he saw it they needed to watch each others backs. "Lets go..." James went to the doors and opened them. The lights from the fake forest shined through into the room, and in the distance was the building... He stepped out of the room with Holly next to him, and began to move forward.