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located in Area 51, a part of A.G.M.S, one of the many universes on RPG.

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William began to climb down his tree and went to the building saying back to Maia "Dont worry, they'll know soon enough." He was trying to make er think he was going to tell the others. Truth was, he didnt want them to know. He wanted to use the others as bait to see the other Godlikes power. Thus far all he knew is one was invisible. That was it... Until those soldiers with the goggles show up, William figured the Kids would move by the other people with easy. Since he wouldn't see them move by, he went to the document room. Other Advanced were there already. The fast one was there, the one Will says is immortal, and the third whose eyes, ears, and smell was super strong. He said he could already smell the godlikes coming. They were just outside the building. William decided to go to the next room to wait in there for the godlikes to show. From this room he could see the documents. He then began to cut himself with his knife. His wounds slowly would heal. The more he cut, the fast he began to heal. He was making his skin tougher and his healing faster.


James ran with Holly and to his surprise her hand rose further up. Almost if she became taller. He of course couldnt tell how tall see was because they were invisible. She thought to him and said she could change their age. He wasnt sure what she meant though. He thought all she could do was move things with her mind and make things invisible. So when they came to a stop in front of the building he felt around the area that would be above young Hollys head. But he found instead older Hollys upper body. "Oh!" He said out loud. If you saw his face it would have been bright red. 'Im soooo sorry.' He pleaded, 'I couldnt see where my hand was... wait a minute... Are you taller?!' he thought to her. 'I didnt know you could change your age? What else can you do? How old are you really? Show yourself.' He demanded, then remembered where they were. 'Wait dont show yourself they would see us...'

Thats when it hit him. 'No.... Do show yourself... Make us visible! They are looking for invisible people. Ill make an illusion to make us look like those soldiers we ran into... You just use your Telekinesis when things get hairy.'