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located in Area 51, a part of A.G.M.S, one of the many universes on RPG.

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William escorted Laila out of the vault, and to the elevator. By the time they arrived, the elevator doors opened themselves. In the elevator was the bloody Holly and the Dead James. Erik didnt like the sight, and he squeezed Lailas hand tighter. She was with him though, and that comforted him. He saw Holly in terror and tried to comfort her. "Dont worry Holly. Laila will take care of the soldiers hurt in this test, and help you and james... All will be back to normal soon." He tried to smile but couldnt. He tried to not let all of this bother him, but couldnt. All he could do was let go of Lailas hand. "When youve helped him Laila. Ride down to the 7th floor... the injured and dead bodies while be taken there, and guards will be there to watch over you as well"