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located in Clinton, Washington, a part of Mona Lisa, one of the many universes on RPG.

Clinton, Washington



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Anna took the teasing, as well as being saved by Mona in silence. It was better if she didn't say anything when others teased her, the teachers didn't care anyways. She went to her seat in art class, placing her sketchpad in front of her. Mona Lisa only 'rescued' her to save face, there was no way a popular girl would care squat about someone like Anna. Anna looked through her sketchpad as she thought this, looking at all the drawings she kept in there. She mostly drew pictures of things that caught her eye, like flowers, trees and animals. She had only one picture of a person in her was of Walker, from a semester ago. She looked at the picture, shielding it from other viewers. The boy she had seen earlier-if only for a few seconds-had looked exactly like her drawing.

Anna closed her sketchpad, shaking her head. It couldn't have been him, he was dead. She stole a peek towards Mona, if she knew that Anna had drawn her boyfriend, she would most likely hurt Anna. Anna drew her sketchpad to herself, protecting it. She had only drawn him that once, he had been under the old oak on the school grounds reading. His expression was one that Anna could have never she drew him. She had captured his expression perfectly, as well as the rest of his looks. She had at first blushed every time she looked at the drawing, Walker was a good looking boy after all, but he would never had gone for a girl like Anna. This fact had soon killed the blush, and she soon worried about Mona finding out about her would be even worse if the cops found out though. They already thought that she had killed him...the drawing would most likely just place that assumption into truth in their minds.

Anna held her sketchpad tighter to herself. She wouldn't let anyone see that drawing, she would get rid of it when she got home tonight. She glanced at the clock, for the first time in a long time she wished school was over with.