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located in Area 51, a part of A.G.M.S, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Maia looked up at Will, then at the others around them. She was waiting to see if they would be forced to play the scientists' little game again or if they could go back up the elevators. She hoped they were leaving, but it didn't seem that way. Perhaps the scientists were preoccupied with something that they'd waited to send the elevators down to the testing area. Or maybe the elevators broke?

"Are we leaving?" she asked him quietly. She looked up at the ceiling of the room, at the lights. She wanted to go outside to the Courtyard where real light was, even if it would result in her being teased.


As he sat in his room, he was unaware of all that had happened to some of the other experiments. He shared his room with three other Advanced males. Two of them always ignored him, not even bothering to say 'Hello'. But the third was genuinely nice, talking for Devin sometimes. He appreciated the fact that somebody would do that for him. Nobody knew that he really could talk, but Devin did not want anybody to know. When he was alone, he would whisper to himself sometimes.

"Devin? You need to go do a test," the one roommate who was his friend told him. "Your number just came up on the board. Better go find somebody else to partner up with."