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located in Vongola Base, a part of Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Generation XI, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Kyomine watched with excitement as the Rizzo family swarmed in one by one to fight them. Kyomine loved getting into dangerous situation likes this, because they were always fun for the most part. His eyes trailed to a snow-white haired girl, who went straight for Antonio. In a flash, Kyomine dropped the baseball bag from his shoulder and kicked one end of the bag, sending a katana shooting directly out of the other end. "3rd offensive form, Yara zu no ame!" Kyomine shouted out, as the katana collided with the girl's rod sending a few sparks flying in the air. Kyomine appeared in front of her right after the collision, grabing the katana by its's hilt. He then raised Shigure Kintoki in the air and slashed down, on her staff. "Yo! Mind sparring with me instead?" Meanwhile Colonello took out his anti-tank rifle. "Lets help them out, Kora!" Reborn then stepped in front of him, holding his hand out. "No I want to see, just how good this new family is in a fight. This is the perfect opportunity." Lal Mirch then walked up beside them. "Thats right. Besides, isn't reckless to charge into someone else's fight? We have no idea who these people are." Colonello took his gun down, and looked back at the battle. "Hm... I guess your right, Kora!"

Sukeru popped his head through the door somewhat timidly. "He he he. Let me guess. Tsu-chan rushed in headfirst again?" Sukeru statted in a joking tone. He then continued walking foward in the room. He reached for a blueish-white box weapon hiden in his suit. He took it out and held it to his chest. The box immediatly opened at the contact, releasing a blur of comet flames. The flames soon turned into a komodo dragon with comet flames surrounding his claws, tail, and teeth. It scales glistened in the room light beautifully. It scurried over to Sukeru's side to where he could sence it's presence. Sukeru laid a hand on its head, patting the komodo softely. "Feel free to go play now, Hasame-chan. Its been a while, sence you've gotten some exorcise." At this command, the komodo dragon went from a calm, loyal creature, to a savage, deadly beast. It stormed off in the direction of the Vongola guardians, as it lept and tried biting down on Rin. Meanwhile, Sukeru began taking the scale off of his back, getting many akward glares as he did so. Even without his eyes, he could tell the amount of judgment that was being placed on him. "Hey, is that guy really one of them?", "He used his box weapon at the beginning of the fight.", "How did he open it without a ring? And whats with that scale?" Sukeru meerily spread a smile across his face as he heard the people whispering to each other. "Now now, its not nice to talk about someone behind their back." Sukeru stated while charging a small ball of comet energy into the scale. He then took out the energy and formed it into several small icicles. "It would be especially bad if they found out you were talking about them." He then threw the shards at the few people who were whispering, injuring them, but only slightly. He made sure that the shards were small enough to only cause minor damage.