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located in Vongola Base, a part of Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Generation XI, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Kyomine wasen't the least bit surprised that the girl had blocked his sword. If she hadn't he would have turned it around and hit her with the blunt side at the last second. She apologized to her brother, for failing in taking out Antonio, in a high, bright voice. Her next words were a little confusing to Kyomine, and he hesitated as she sent a swing that pushed him back. "Woah!" He yelled out in surprise at her sudden increase in strength. Before he got his footing, she swung the scythe over her head and directed the blow at his legs. He meerily smiled and slashed Shigure Kintoki in a diagonal motion. "7th defensive form, Shi buki ame" Kyomine exclaimed as his sword swung down onto the ground pushing Kyomine upward to avoid the swing. The force of the collision caused him to land behind Tsuki. In an instant, he had his blade at her throat, holding it with both hands. His voice a bit darker then before, but still had his usual childish tone. "You sure must have some high respect for your brother. Thats some weird stuff you said earlier. What exactly did you mean by 'Even in your old age'?" Kyomine then recalled the story his grandfather told him, about when he went into the future. That was where he got Jiro. He dismissed the thought, almost forgetting that he was in the middle of a fight.

As Rin's blade made contact with the back Hisame's neck, he would find that the blade stopped short. The komodo was saved by it's scales. But they wouldn't stand much of a chance, if the thunder's hardening attribute set into his blade. At the same time, Rin's other blade began to freeze, as it made contact with Kisame's teeth. The only thing keeping it from completely being enveloped in ice was the thunder flames. Hisame quickly reacted before the blade started to slide through it's scales. It turned and swung it's tail in towards his arm. The force threw his arm back, and comet flames broke of from Hisame's tail and began freezing where it touched. While he was busy with his freezing arm, Hisame reared back and lept foward once more. This time swinging both of it's front clawed legs foward. Sukeru had been walking toward them the entire time, and was now only a few yards away from Rin, to where he could sence his presence. "My my, I didn't expect you to survive Hisame-chan's first strike. Then again you are a member of the vongola famiglia after all. It dosen't matter. Even if you survive this strike, you wont last long in my field of frost." Hisame stated as the air temperature around both him and Rin began to lower rapidly. "Only a matter of time."