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Shade admired his handiwork silently, making sure you could hardly tell the fabric had ever been torn. He didn't know what Cherry was still doing out in the hallway, but he hoped he'd knocked himself unconscious. He would love a little quiet time to himself. Promptly after checking the stitch one last time, Shade stashed the sewing kit away and turned to look at the pile of clothes, which he now considered dirty, and was just about to start on taking them to the laundry room when he heard the voice of the headmaster, seconds after he entered the room with his android assistant. He stood straight and tipped his head slightly forward in a greeting. Shade felt proud at the mentioning of him being such an exceptional student, but he kept the feeling from his expression.

There was a slight smile playing on Shade's lips, then he listened to the headmaster about purposely being placed as Cherry's roommate, and further about the arrangement of his classes and he was devastated. All of his classes spent with him? As if having to room with him wasn't enough! If he wasn't in the presence of a superior he would have dropped to his knees and yelled dramatically until his lungs gave out. Well, that's what he envisioned himself doing, but he didn't have the luxury of such an action realistically.

As soon as the headmaster and his assistant left, Shade stared at the doorway in disbelief. "This is definitely a curse, I bet it's because I pushed that girl for her candy back in 1st grade." He was muttering to himself sadly. He was far from accepting the arrangement, but it wasn't like he could do anything about it now. Instead of sulking in his room--which seemed like a very good option right now, he picked up his pile of clothes and headed off to the laundry room. He glanced briefly over at Cherry and rolled his eyes on his way out. This was going to be an interesting semester.