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located in The Skycity of Revelation, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Skycity of Revelation



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The Nexus

Sitting through one of Gilgamesh's very biased speeches was something that was rather painful for the young nobleman to do. This emergency meeting did have some urgency to it- the mages had struck sooner than he had hoped and begun fanning the flames of rebellion. This was bad- as this now gave the man that spoke before him leverage to bring down the city's wrath down on the mages. There was no getting around it now, he had to cope with the situation, as he had done in the past. If worst came to worst, he would be forced to filibuster the vote.

Taylor was through with it. Loki hardly told him anything about her plans when it came to politics, and deep down, Taylor had held a slight bitterness about it. Recent events, combined with that fact had molded together. Was he less important? Did she see him as little more than a tool now that he helped her attained the seat in Parliament?

No. It couldn't be. Taylor forced himself to calm down. He was getting too ahead of himself. How long had it been before he had met the princess? He just wasn't used to trusting other politicians. His early years in holding his father's seat had seen to that. He quickly raised his hand in objection. If Gilgamesh was irked by this motion, none of it showed on his face.

"You propose chaining these people down because they resist oppression, Mr. Gilgamesh?" Caelin asked softly. Caelin knew he was disliked by Parliament. Perhaps he even disliked himself. "You ask of things that would bring the ruin of this city. You ask that to solve a problem, you toss aside and lock it up. You ask, that the actions of few must dictate the will of many. You ask, that the basic human rights that every man, woman, and child is granted be defiled, spat on, and chained." He looked around the room. He was met with careful neutrality. "You regard the mages- simple human beings blessed with a power that could help us, with a total contempt and lack of empathy that astounds me. You completely disregard any attempts of diplomacy, intent on bringing them down. What choice do they have? I see only two- sit down and accept your vile abuse or rebel against your corrupt laws fueled only by classist hatred."

It had been awhile since Caelin had this been angry. He didn't have the strength to while he was sick, but now that he was healthier he felt hot fury flow through his veins. Fury similar to that of when he was just a boy- a boy that would lead his guards around the city beating the homeless and the poor for pleasure.

"I refuse to support this notion. This is not the solution to our problems. This will only add fuel to the fire- give the mages that have not yet made a move a reason to begin a full-scale uprising. It will not be the mages, no. Soon the desperate from Delta, the poor, the hungry will take up arms as well. Can our forces hold up against an entire population? Can we fight a guerilla war? Can we afford to lose our laborers that risk their lives doing the jobs that you would never do?" His eyes flashed defiantly. "This is no time to hold on to prejudice. We must look to the future, not the past. We cannot meet anger with more anger!"

Elisia help me. Caelin thought. He was caught between the hammer and the anvil- if he (or Loki as a bitter afterthought) succeeded, he would be a target- highest in priority for Gilgamesh. He would become a credible threat to his plots, whatever they may be. If he failed- the uprising that would certainly follow would consume him. No noble would be safe. He would be captured or killed by the mages. However, he had no other cards to play. Words... words were his only weapons at this point.

District Beta

Heaving sobs shook the Victoria Steins' small frame as she sat against the doorway for Elisia knows how long. Every single damned memory- even the ones of backbreaking labor. As long as they contained a trace of the masked doctor's presence, her tears flowed anew, as if another dam had crumbled. She sat, knees to her face, staining the new clothes she had worn in preparation for working in the forge.

It was a lull in her tears when she decided that there would be enough grieving. "Ohh pull yourself together Tori." She whimpered, motionless. "What did he always tell you? 'An idle moment is a wasted moment.'" She rubbed her eyes hastily, standing up and nearly stumbling from the sudden motion. The safehouse was nearly cleaned out- her stuff had been moved but the masked doctor's remains still dotted the space. She walked over to the late doctor's desk. It contained several items. A note, which read "abajo de tienda". An old language from before the collapse of humanity that had been turned into a secret language between the master and apprentice. There was a thin belt, stocked with metal canisters of medicines and poisons. She belted that on, amazed at how easily it fitted and how secure it was. The last, was a small wooden box.

Picking it up, she fiddled with it until the latch opened and produced a small golden ring. As her heart swelled to the point where it felt like it would crash through her chest, she noticed a note was attached to it.