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located in Area 51, a part of A.G.M.S, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Zero waited for his wounds to heal, but knew that he didn't have any healing powers. There was nothing he could do but wait for the others to complete there assignment or for him to die which might happen faster then he would expect. Looking away he felt as though his body was weighed down by the world. His powers were only limited to what he could think of, but that was a weakness as well. He acted as if nothing affected him, like he was just a doll but it all effected him only he didn't like to show it. Hearing the sounds of the ice dome be hit even more Zero knew one thing it would break. Nothing lasted forever and this dome was like that.

Getting up even though his body screamed at him the boy was able to stand for a few seconds. Legs shaking Zero stumbled onto the ground, and rolled till he hit the dome. His head was throbbing and he felt nausea. Coughing into his hand Zero felt as though he was coughing his blood out. He wouldn't survive this mission, it seemed that he was bleeding inside. His movements were getting slower and his sense were getting weaker, which was wrong due to him being a godlike, and being blind all of his senses except sight were off the charts. Soon he would be dead. NO! I won't die yet. I'll first take on as much of these buffoons by myself. Those were the last thoughts that came to him before he stopped thinking all together. A pink outline went ove Zero's body making it seem like he was glowing. Using his powers to rise the male was standing and placed one hand on the ice dome; it soon exploded into nothing. His powers were going onto there fullest at the moment.

Shifting his gaze to the soldiers in-front of him Zero used his powers and threw there guns away. "Die now." Soon a large amount of black needles toward them, which exploded on contact killing them. Feeling the presence of other soldiers whom were hiding in the bushes the emotionless male used his telekinesis powers and threw them into the air, making a fist they were crushed. His mind was blank and his intent to kill was high. Walking through the forest anyone who would meet paths with him would die, even Ava. Zero's death was drawing nearer and it would be upon him soon.