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located in The Assassins' Guild, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Assassins' Guild

Tallest building in District Gamma, and a reminder that the Assassins are always present- especially when you can't see them.


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Eos found that he was much less angry than he should have been at being so quickly dismissed by Amon. He attributed the lack of irritation to the urgency of Pandora's condition. The question of where Loki and Caelin were crossed his mind, but the assassin did not bother to voice it.

Well, that went better than expected. Eos sat on a stool across from Pandora's current bed with his chin resting on steepled fingers. He had only breeches on, with a large andslightly stained-through bandage wrapped across his midsection. The burn had not been as severe as the physician had first suspected, but it blistered over quickly and burst several times over causing the nurse to groan in frustration at the need to change the assassin's bandages five times. Yellowish and blood-stained bandages lay in a heap inside a nearby waste can. Eos sighed, staring at Pandora and wishing he had given into his previous urge to run to her aid.

"Sorry." he whispered. Eos creased his brow trying not to give in to anger again, but the effort required more and more willpower as he thought of what was happening to the world. Nothing in books had prepared him for this. For most of his life, the assassin had lived inside a small bubble, just in different forms. At first it was the Tower. Then, it was in Selene's arms. After that and the death of his former life, the slums of Delta and it's familiar locales served as his area of influence. Dark, dirty and simple. What became of his life after that though...

Eos shook his head and sighed. The world was much to large. Too much was happening, too much that he could not control. If he could fight away all of his problems(and even he knew that was not possible), things would be much simpler. Yet, political games were not something one could beat into submission. Indeed, attempting to do so almost always backfired horribly. The mages were a variable that he could not quite grasp either. In a fair fight, most combat-oriented mages would reduce him to ash in moments. Now they were flooding the streets...hadn't they just gotten their second-class citizen status finally revoked a few moments ago? Why ruin that already?

With another sigh, Eos leaned back and put his left arm behind the head of the chair. The world was way too complicated outside of his bubble. He looked at Pandora's sleeping face and wondered what on earth posessed the little woman to get into such a one-sided battle in the first place. Then, he could not help but smile. "We really need to stop doing this. The whole, you being unconcious and me sitting on my hands thing. It's getting old."