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located in Norr, a part of The Gift: Chapter Two, one of the many universes on RPG.




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The Deep Human began to quicken his pace, flashing to the next Child and ducking past his guard to land a blade in his gut. Kisikoni was slightly giddy, hoping that he might have some level of control over his power at this point to make use of it without letting the being take over. His legs strained, and he realized that he was moving at a pace that was much faster than his legs (built for crouching and crawling in the tunnels) were made for. That was when the being in his head laughed coldly.

You really are stupid. What makes you think this sort of thing doesn't have backlash? it asked.

Kisikoni wanted to reply, but the thing was right. If he had been more aware, he would have felt the power simply numbing the pain of his muscles almost tearing itself up in exertion. He slowed down significantly, Talae shouted something over the confusion, but it was lost as she began to grapple with another opponent. He would have to talk to her afterward about this. He didn't really get a chance to with the medics, and he at least wanted his partner to know. Pel had kind of put the question in his face the moment he woke up instead of inquiring about it. Speaking of which, as he clashed with another child, he looked around for the Halfling, who was looking at him with an expression similar to distress. He flashed a quick, reassuring smile- it was all he could do while he tried not to let the child break his guard.

As the lines began to shift between the children and the Legion, Kisikoni felt his opponents drift further and further into the wall until there were few left, and the fighting would very soon begin in the streets. Disposing of another child by bringing his knee up and stunning her, he sank a blade into her neck before tossing her off the wall. His legs flashed hot and cold, and despite the numbing effects of the slightly amused being, he felt himself perspiring due to the dull ache in his legs.

Here, have a gift. It said, releasing the hold it had on Kisikoni's legs. The thorn-like growths and leather-like skin that covered Kisikoni's legs retreated, and left raw, torn legs in it's wake. Kisikoni wobbled and immediately collapsed to the ground of the wall, his face contorted in shock and pain.

I own you now. Never forget that. it said flatly. Kisikoni tried to flex his thighs and legs, but was only met with protesting pain and fire in his ankles.