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located in The Assassins' Guild, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Assassins' Guild

Tallest building in District Gamma, and a reminder that the Assassins are always present- especially when you can't see them.


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As the bleary-eyed little medic finally awoke, Eos observed quietly from his seat. It was always worth a laugh or two when a disoriented person was just getting their bearings in what they can not yet tell is a completely familiar setting. Pandora was no exception, as the bandaged assassin had to stifle a chuckle when Pan's bleary eyes eventually managed to orient on him. When the physician spoke, he could not help but laugh in earnest. "Really? This situation does not seem familiar to me at all. Nope. Not in the slightest...

"But yes. I'm fine..." Eos shrugged awkwardly and waved at the other patients and their infirmities. "Better than most of the people here anyway, including you. Nicole caught the last of your spell-duel," he said, referencing a mid-level assassin that had participated in stemming the riot, "She tells me that you went up against an individual of a much higher caliber than yourself. In battle, anyway. I was never one to be interested in the mechanics of magic, but I do know that the better at healing you are, the crappier you are at combat magic." Eos poked the nearest of Pandora's hands and smirked. "With the quality of work you dole out to restore, I doubt you could dish out any real damage even if you tried."

Although it was not meant to be insulting, Eos found fault in his choice of words almost immediately. He had thought he felt something odd about Pandora's mood earlier, and felt that he had pinpointed the problem: She felt inadequate when compared to the rest of the 'team'. Unable to fight on the front lines, so to speak. Reiterating her inability(and partial failure) to do so was not exactly the wisest course of action. Without realizing it, Eos grasped Pandora's hand with his own callused palm and began speaking.

"I wish I was you sometimes." he winced and stumbled over his words, "Not the being female and tiny part--not that there's anything wrong with that, it's pleasant--but I meant being a mage. No, wait, I don't mean the persecution either...uh...damn." Eos sighed, inhaled and slowly exhaled. "What I mean is, since meeting you--actually speaking to you for the first time instead of grunting, I have stayed awake at night wondering how different my life would have been like if I was someone like you. Someone who could mend bones instead of breaking them, someone who people sought to console them and perform miracles of life, not feats that put others six feet under.

"Um...sorry." Eos released Pandora's hand and stood up, wincing at the sudden movement. "I...I just...felt like I I wanted to say that." with another quiet sigh, Eos gave Pan a half-hearted smile and made his way out of the infirmary. He disliked being around sick people, and felt suffocated being around the wounded and dying. At least, that's what the assassin kept telling himself.