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located in The Skycity of Revelation, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Skycity of Revelation



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The Nexus

With his speech, Taylor felt he had least said his mind- and whatever happened next, he would have no control over. After pandemonium struck, he thought his side might have a chance in at least stalling the vote if they couldn't win. However, as he observed calmly, he knew that things were getting close. If they were to put Gilgamesh out of power they would have to do it soon, because events were moving faster than Taylor could manage. With the queen's abrupt silencing of Parliament, even Caelin looked surprised as he turned toward her face with surprise. What she said next staggered Caelin.

How did she manage to get evidence together? Was she in on this the whole time? What's going on? However, despite the news that would certainly leave somebody shocked and gasping at straws, Gilgamesh was collected. Though his face spoke shock, Caelin had been with Parliament long enough to see through false facades. With a smarmy retort, he challenged the queen to gather this evidence. This wasn't good- did he know the Queen was bluffing? Was she bluffing? Taylor had too many questions. Siri would be disappointed if he found out how out-of-tune his "father" was with these circles he claimed to be so familiar with. The boy had been spending more time with another noble's child, something that Taylor had been struggling with. The boy was growing up from his dependency- good. He wondered how his parents felt when he ran off with his first friend.

A voice immediately shook him from his thoughts. Gilgamesh's voice. Though he loathe to admit it, the man's proposition was reasonable. Security must be maintained, at the very least- but he didn't see any reason for it to extend into the lower districts. Before he could voice this, the vote began. The young noble voted nay, but if it had been private he would have voted for that temporary measure. Fighting oppression or not- he needed the mages to be contained for just a while longer while he tried to obtain incriminating evidence on Gilgamesh. Really, he felt like a animal trying to eliminate somebody that didn't rub him the right way. However, Gilgamesh was the only real suspect he knew that would send assassins to end his life. Swallowing once, he turned to the Princess as she motioned to him.

She offered an explanation, both from her mother and herself. Deep down, he quietly thought that it was about damn time. Who knows how many blunders he had made- detrimental to everyone's progress as he was in the dark? No, he had to know what was going on. His face tightened somewhat- an uncharacteristic grimace before answering "I would be happy to know what's going on, your Highness."

District Beta

Her right hand glinted slightly as she began equipping herself once more. The belt of vials was strapped to her waist, and a pair of daggers were strapped to her thighs. She tied the blade that she carried to a gap in the belt of vials, and stuffed a small bag with supplies and money. She would return to the safe house if she needed anything else. She quickly armed the traps on the door, slipping out before dripping some contact poison on the knob. Any bare hand touching the poison would be writhing on the ground in seconds. She threw a large cloak over herself, and hunched over slightly while pulling a shawl over her head under the hat.

She tipped her hat low, and returned to the scene of the fire. As she ducked among the bodies, pretending to examine them as if looking for somebody. However, what immediately caught her eye was a man who seemed to be... glowing blue. She had never seen such a man, but he had walked within the proximity of another man. As her trained eye caught the flash of a blade of some sort, she had a slight inkling of what was going on. She had also slightly recognized the man he was talking to. Amon? The master of the Assasins Guild?

This was getting interesting. As Giacomo began to make his leave, she was already shuffling off- formulating a plan. The scientist, as impressive in combat and innovation as he was probably wasn't expecting a late-teenage girl in disguise trailing him across the city. Trained too, as she shadowed the man all the way back to District Delta- occasionally changing disguises mid-way by discarding some clothing or attaching some accessories. She watched him approach the Air Purifiers from a good distance. No wonder she thought she recognized him. The papers- Giacomo, the miracle scientists that cleans the air of the outer District. And he had relationships with Amon. Since her master hadn't given her directions to the guild, and Amon probably wouldn't be sending assassins looking for her, Giacomo was her best bet. She couldn't possibly face the Forgefires after what happened.

She followed him like a cat, calling upon all her training to trail him and not cause a scene. Her master had always told her that a man of high stature appeared calm because he had security- visible or not. She had to disarm one trap as she slinked behind him, taking cover as he paused at the huge door. He opened it, and her eyes widened.