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Shade was so excited about the new development in his power that he nearly missed Cherry's sudden outburst. It was almost impossible to hold back from laughing, but he did manage to suppress it and build up a look of feigned innocence on his face. The end of Cherry's words were like nails on a blackboard, Shade bit his bottom lip and banished the picture of his once magnificent bed in it's new, destroyed state. He wasn't going to let his day be ruined because of one annoying person, he just stumbled upon a new trick and was feeling mischievous.

He glanced around the room and picked a girl obviously engrossed in the lesson and snickered. He closed his eyes and sent an image of her falling off of a cliff to the unsuspecting female and watched as she almost jumped out of her chair. It was becoming a real struggle to keep quiet. Sitting to his right he studied the face of another student and envisioned him covered in a dozen giant spiders and clapped a hand over his mouth to silence himself when the boy jerked up and started pulling at his clothes. He then ripped his shirt off and ran out of the room yelling.

Shade kept his expression even but his eyes were getting watery from the laughter he'd been holding back. He didn't usually pull pranks like that, but he was feeling giddy and wanted to have some fun.