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located in The Skycity of Revelation, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Skycity of Revelation



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The Royal Palace

The fine cloth was many times more luxurious than the clothes Taylor wore on his body- even though they were used as carpet. He was slightly jealous at the hard work that was standard in the Royal Palace. If one looked at the palace as a comparison to Loki's life, one would find it hard to believe that she didn't simply just lock herself away in luxury and ignore everything. Taylor had always devoutly managed his chemical business, getting involved directly in ensuring employee safety and whatnot. He had to, else he probably would have just locked himself away in his mansion after hiring a competent executive officer to run the company itself.

Turning his attention to the queen as he entered the room, he decided to just shut up and listen. The exchange was fairly heated, and he personally didn't like the implications with Gilgamesh's empty prime minister seat. He had planned to retire from politics after this business was over- and simply focus on Siri and his chemical company. However- there was one appealing point. With the powers the position of prime minister would give him if things went well, he could change the living conditions for Delta and Gamma with much less effort than if he were a simple member of parliament. He was beginning to become uncomfortable due to the fact that he was the object of an argument between family members, so when it ended he was happy enough to bow respectfully, repeat the formal address, and excuse himself after Loki.

"Why would you apologize?" He asked after Loki offered them. "I'm quite flattered actually. I didn't think you'd be so upstanding for what I want." Walking with her silently until he reached a fork in the path, he took the one that lead to the exit. "I'll be in touch." He said, moving from the room.

District Delta

So Amon had some sort of weapon under the wings? Build by the Miracle-Scientist Giacomo, of all people? This was getting stranger and stranger- and even as she silently slipped out of the building as carefully as she could, she knew that Amon was aware of her. It would be foolish for her to think not to- as he was the Assassins Guildmaster, the official best in the city. You don't become number one if a apprentice that's trained in stealth for only a year can spy on you. Did he want her to see this?

When she went back to Beta, she moved over to Etzel's old shop. Boarded up, she was here to check on Etzel's supply of herbs and drugs and whatever else the mad doctor hid beneath the store. However, there were two people sitting outside. Inconspicuous in every way, except she recognized one of them. An assassin from the Guild. Were they waiting for her master's return? They would be sorely disappointed. Just as well, they probably were not aware that Etzel had created over thirty escape routes in the store while he occupied it, so looking at the entrance wouldn't suffice as a lookout.

She decided to walk up to the store, and almost as if on cue the Assassin's stood up. "Victoria." They greeted. "Where is your master?"

"He's dead." She said flatly. It was funny how final that seemed. The Assassins didn't physically react, but their eyes showed some disappointment.

"Amon won't be pleased, but you'll have to do." one said. "Would you come with us, please?"

"Sure." She replied. Drat. Those herbs would have to wait until some other time.

Three Days Later

The Royal Palace

Taylor wasn't too keen on letting a girl- even though though she may be Etzel's trained apprentice, assume risk for her master's sake. However, without understanding her circumstances butting it would probably anger her, and make him seem like a overbearing crone. If he didn't act like one already, because he was already rather surprised when Loki offered to break into Gilgamesh's estate with Eos.

Today was just a day for surprises- she was simply standing silently, but she was armed to the teeth and even Taylor saw it. Was it because she wanted to show she could fight as well? He stayed silent, even as Loki announced the pairings. Forgefire would definitely be of assistance- his age had an edge over Taylor- and his neutral stance in the world of trade would allow him to have more friendly contacts. Scheherazade would be useful for infiltrating lower ranking occupations for information without attracting attention- since Taylor was an infamous member of Parliament and Forgefire was a well known master smith.

Even as he thought on this, he realized that Forgefire's beta residence would make it difficult for him to slip into noble estates without proper invitations. "Scheherazade, I recommend that you pair up with Master Forgefire." He said. "I'll have no trouble gaining access to the noble estates, but Beta is a sprawling city that will react accordingly to my presence. I think, that with Master Forgefire's knowledge, wisdom and contacts you should be able to cover the district for any evidence with your skill. Alpha is small in comparison, and I have relations with almost all the nobles- as unfriendly as they may be underneath the fake masks we wear." Of course, if Scheherazade had any opposition to his idea, she or Forgefire could always assume the guise of one of his servants or other member of his staff. It was a flexible plan, and personally, he was hoping that he had an assistant assuming the guise of a member of his staff- for as he would distract the nobles, he would have another set of eyes searching for evidence linking to Gilgamesh. He didn't voice this, however- it was their choice.

Victoria didn't say a word, just as the masked doctor would have done. Listening and looking before she spoke would allow her to gather as much information as she could before asking for specifics. She had been planning on raiding the nobles for evidence, but realized she had no experience in the matter- and getting caught would be a death sentence. Etzel had never really needed to do such a thing, and it was laughable that he should expect Victoria to be able to. So, she followed Loki's pairing and turned to Pandora to nod once.

"I'll do it." She said tiredly. All she wanted to do was become a damned physician and live in peace! Now she was wrapped up in the webs of politics and internal struggle. However, seeing the Forgefire smithy burn down made he realize that with the mage rebellion even if she did settle down there wouldn't have been much time before her life would be thrown into chaos.

The Next Morning

District Delta

Gods, District Gamma wasn't as bad as this, and she lived there before the air purifier was invented. She didn't even want to think about what life was like while the thick smog hung like death over the entire area. Was this the reason why her Master wore his mask at all times? Pandora was a nice woman, though somehow slightly shorter than Victora even though she was older. It made her appear huggable, especially with her optimistic personality.

She was dressed more appropriately, changed into rags and thin clothes that were rather grimy and smelled of smoke. Her hat was gone, and all she wore in place was a thin hooded cloak that concealed her belt of vials under her long shirt. Her hair was even messier, blonde streaks giving her a haunted appearance that was so befitting of the district itself. She had no time to dye her hair.

"There isn't." She replied, and under her disguise, she shifted her body ever-so-slightly to react quickly if Pandora were to be attacked.