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located in The Royal Palace, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Royal Palace

A marvel of architecture, home to the royal family of Revelation.


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Keeping a respectful three paces to the left of Loki, Eos had to actively keep himself from mirroring the princess's sentiment. He still felt the biting regret of not assisting Pandora, and the thought of sending her out to the wolves did not sit right with him. Not one bit. What in god's name was Amon thinking trying to pass of the little physician as one of the rogue magi? She was not particularly consicuous, plain in most places, but still...

As the ensuing conversation enfolded before the gathered 'specialisists', Eos could not help but feel the slightest bit put off. It was not that he was at all uncomfortable with whatever role he was to play in this little drama, but those of the others did make him cringe. Some of these people had no prior combat experience, not a lick of infiltration training or even exceptional charisma. Some of them had families, people that would miss them should they meet a grisly demise, people whose absence would be felt keenly by their loved ones. Unlike most of the others, Eos was aware of his own extensive training and ability. Yet, there was so much Eos could not do to help.

It was at that realization that the weight of their mission settled on him. Life no longer consisted of feeling overwhelmed or sad for yourself, or even dwelling on what could have been. Tommorow is always looming, and that is one thing that they all had the power to change. When Loki stated that they would be slipping into Gilgamesh's cozy little home, Eos allowed himself a small smile. It sounded fun. Before the meeting was adjourned, Eos studied the faces of his comrades in arms. First Pandora, whom he alotted every prayer of luck he knew. Hopefully whatever mercies still existed would look upon her. Taylor, then Amon, both men representing two vastly different spectrums of political players in Eos's eyes. Last was Scheherezade.

They had never shared more than two sentences between them, but the girl seemed pleasant enough.

That Evening, Outside the Gilgamesh Estate

Eos smirked and returned Loki's nod, watching as the princess danced about the shadows as well as any rogue. Had she not been born into royalty, Eos thought wryly, the girl would have had little trouble surviving the perils of the back-allies of Revelation. Figuring that she had gained enough distance, the assassin made his move and dashed after Loki in a soundless sprint. As he pulled up alongside Loki, Eos could not help but be impressed by her ability to plan from a thief's persective. He also smiled at the walls. What has a wall ever done to stop a burglary? Oh, a wall? Damn. Guess i'll be heading home then since their's no point in trying.

Trying not to smile at his own wit, Eos studied the target window for a moment before nodding the affirmative to Loki's request. The assassin knelt down on one knee and cupped his hands with intertwined fingers. With one quick heave the his surprisingly light ally was up and over. He allowed Loki a moment to secure the rope before attempting to scale with wall. It took no more than a few seconds, Eos opting to save time by grasping the edge of the wall once he was high enough and hauling himself over with graceful flare. He looked to Loki and shrugged. One could never be too good. The sun had finally set and a heavy darkness was rapidly setting on Revelation.

Eos rubbed the stubble on his chin and almost cursed...he had made it a habit to clean up thoroughly before every mission, but this time he had forgotten completely. In front of a future queen no less! At least he had gotten a haircut not too long ago. Waving Loki forward, Eos gave the all clear and began moving towards the estate itself. No guards were in the immediate vicinity(and by that, Eos meant that none were close enough to make out two black-clad thieves in the dead of night) and Eos was thankful for that. He had been told that this mission would not require any direct combat if at all possible. The moon that had been hidden behind a wall of wispy clouds peeked out for a moment and made the area around their position slightly lighter. When he pressed himself flat against the side of the house though, Eos looked to Loki and screwed up his face.

"Loki..." he whispered while slowly drawing closer to Loki, Eos placed a gloved hand against her cheek and stared into her eyes intensely, "Has anyone ever told you that your face glows in the silver light of the moon?" with a comical smile Eos recoiled and withdrew a half-mask from his pocket. "Here, you should wear this. If the moon is all it takes to make that paper-white skin of yours shine, just imagine what a stray candle in the house could do to our cover!"