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located in Ferelden, a part of Dragon age Reborn, one of the many universes on RPG.




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beldur eyed vin. she was obviously scared of something...or someone...he noticed she seemed scared about the human staring at her. who was he? the man was a lot older than she was. wait...what was he doing? he was moving inftont of them and beldur walked into him with a small grunt. then the jabbing came and beldur grunted and winced with each jab his wounds having barely healed a course of anger overwhelmed beldur as he swiftly grabbed the mans throat his lips turned into a snarl the otehr wardens watched daring to not anger beldur further by interupting

"listen to me you fat shemlen. im normally a humble man but are you even smart enought o listen? i defeated the blight. twice. its my duty to put aside racial differences so you could live. now its -your- duty. if you cant get over the fact im an elf myabe ill need to show you why you should be thankful i cared about your kind. if you dont wish to learn then get back in line before i have you stripped of your rank and exiled. while im leaving the order as of now im the eldest member here. i have the most experience in dealing with the dark spawn. i was fighting them in the deep roads while you were clutching your self in fear of death while the city burned around you"

beldur shoved the man and put his arm around vin to visibly calm himself down while being wary of vin's fathers next move ready to dodge if need be. but to assert his power the hand grasping the mans throat began to glow an eerie blueish colour. he was preparing a spirirt blast spell incase he tried to make a move