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located in Brisbane, a part of All Roads: The Journey, one of the many universes on RPG.


The starting location in The Journey.


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Khan trudged down the road, Mount Nebo Road according to his map, and the sight of houses through the trees gave him the willpower to continue. He was hungry, a feeling he was practically married to as a result of his trekking, and Brisbane was the nearest population center that Khan knew was occupied by traders and merchants, the lords and kings of the new world. From rumors, it appeared that Australia was one of those countries that had escaped most of the negative effects of the event, but Khan quickly realized that they were just that, rumors, and that no-where was unscathed.

Looking at the map, the biggest text showed the small town he had entered was called 'The Gap', and that it was all residential. There appeared to be a shopping center near to where 'The Gap' merged with Brisbane, but he held no hope as to its contents. Looking at the map, Khan once again was gripped by mild frustration in that it wasn't 3D. Sure, contour lines help greatly in judging the height of land, but there was no indication as to the height of buildings - hinting at where a sniper may reside - or any indication on what the building looked like; if it was a fortress, home to a rich man or to a useful business that wasn't a Hospital, Golf Course or Parking Lot. He felt the urge to whip out his PDA and scan the surroundings, but the gentle clicking of the Dosimeter was telling him to leave it in the electrically insulating lead casing a while longer.

Khan made he way between the houses in an effort to remain free of holes. There were no shots hear, either nearby or in the distance, and, upon further listening, there wasn't any sound at all bar the wind in the trees. He was expecting to hear the tell-tale sound of a wind-up music player, a guitar, laughter, boots on tarmac or the reloading of a clip, but there was nothing. No dogs barking, no birds chirping, just him and the wind. Surely even a residential area would be populated by some people. Despite his better judgement, he made his way back onto the road and started towards the Mall.

There were some burnt out cars, but no sign of a riot of firefight. Glass remained in windows, and the dosimeter wasn't angrily clicking at any deadly particles, remaining at the calm, collected clicking that it had been doing since he woke up. He would ask the people of Brisbane about 'The Gap' later. As he neared the Mall, sounds could be heard, but not the ones he was expecting. The distant noise of crowds, smaller than before Armageddon, but just as distinct. He casually made he way past the mall and over the Waterworks road bridge while remaining vigilant to the sound of a weapon cocking, but there was no threats. He worked his way into the Ashgrove district and spent a good hour or so walking down waterworks road. As he neared another shopping center on his left, he heard the noise he was dreading. Three rifles to the top of the Rockaway shop, one on the opposite building and two behind him on the chemists. He was by far outnumbered and accepted the ambush. "Not as nice as they said", he muttered, and hoped service would be better in the city center, because he would escape. He always did.