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located in Academy #0011, a part of Strange Fate, one of the many universes on RPG.

Academy #0011



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Akiyuki folded his arms when the young boy named Chase Ryder. "Sorry, I don't shake hands. The average person's hands are covered with filthy germs and i just sanitized mine a few seconds ago, so i'm not looking forward to doing it again so soon." Cherry grimaced at Akiyuki's remark. "I'm Akiyuki Taedo, but I prefer you call me Mr. Taedo."

"Reminds me of someone." Cherry murmured while trying not to look at Shade, but his eyes betrayed him. The gazed at him up and down. As the crowd began to move Cherry who was on 'auto-pilot' moved with them. "Having fun?' Cherry asked sarcastikcally, staring up ahead, still trying to avoid looking at Shade