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located in Las Vegas, NV, a part of That's what you get for waking up in Vegas..., one of the many universes on RPG.

Las Vegas, NV



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Sunshine seeped through the window filling the lavish apartment with the warmth of an early morning. The apartment was on the top floor of a large building and was lavishly decorated with the luxuries the higher end of life can offer. However to look at the apartment now you'd think it a pig stye instead of the hot bachelor pad it truly was. There was sure signs of a large party having been in the large space the night before or possibly a couple nights before. The couch was missing a few cushions, a lamp was busted by the window, but the most tell-tell signs the party was the trash. Empty beer and wine bottles littered the room and clothes scattered all over the floor and the bed. However the clothings weren't the only thing mixed up in the white sheets of the king size bed but also the slight frame of a young woman. Her body looked more like a lump under the sheets only her mop of strawberry blond curls peeping out from under the sheets proved it was actually a human in there at all. This was Macy.

As the sun rose the light and the warmth it generated creeped across the surface of the large bed causing it's inhabitant to stir in her sleep. The young woman turned over in her slumber "Andrew, stop it's too early.....Andrew, cut off the lights" the girl mumbled in her sleep. The sunshine brightened as a cloud moved away from it and the girls big blue eyes opened in groggy drowsiness. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes with little balled up fist, the girl couldn't be anymore the 23 or 24. She sat up lazily, yawning and stretching as if the bed she had awoke in was familiar.

She got out the bed, her mind still groggy from a good night's sleep, she walked to the bathroom not noticing anything odd. She used the restroom and washed her hands before reaching for the mirror to pull it open and reveal the shelfing behind where her toothbrush lay. She tugged on the edge of the mirror but it didn't budge. Her mind began to awake a little more as she tried to open what was supposed to be her shelfing. She examined the mirror before realizing it wasn't her mirror...her walls weren't that color.....her shower didn't look like that.....this wasn't her bathroom. She opened the door and stuck her head around the corner to examine the room.

A loud scream escaped Macy's lips as she observed the destroyed bachelor pad. This most certainly was not her qaint quiet loft. Wher was she!?! She scurried out of the room and ran for the bed, picking up her clothes from the floor as she went. She pulled the clothes on in a hurry and plopped down onto the bed to figure out her game plan. As she pulled her light green button down shirt over her head she notice something sparkle in the sun....something on her finger. She examined her hand to find a large rock of a wedding ring and she let out another scream before burring her head in her hands. "What have I done?" she groaned into her hands!