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located in SmileVille, a part of Nowhere Kids, one of the many universes on RPG.




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I wonder if he'll reach her or fall off. Maybe we should consider abandoning this fight, Miles was thinking as he looked up after Adrien. He heard footsteps nearing him and looking back down to see who was still around him. He didn't have a chance to move, however, from his surprise at the one girl who moved in close to him, jabbing his arm with something. "Serenity think she doesn't like you.." He blinked at her and was about to shove her away, when she--Serenity, she called herself--shoved the needle all the way to the bone hard. He hissed in pain and shut his eyes. When she let go and ran off, Miles felt himself in the ground, face-first with no relief from his hands to catch him.

Miles' forehead hit the ground, taking most of the pain. He saw stars for a good few minutes, which blocked out all the other sounds around him. "Your going to get your friend and leave. Because I won't let my comrades take him down before I do." Groaning, he sat back up and rubbed at his arm where the needle injected him. He winced from the pain. As he was standing, slapping the brunette-changing-blond's hand out of his face and using the wall behind him to keep his balance, a trickle of blood dripped between his eyes. "Oh, come on. Really?" he growled to himself, wiping it away with the sleeve of his shirt and frowning at the stain that was made from it.

For some reason, he felt drained in an odd sort of way. Almost as if he were being blocked from something--but it was hard to describe, even to himself. He shook his head and wearily looked around at the others' positions. Randle was still after Will. That brat who injected him with--with whatever she injected him with, he hoped it wasn't something deadly--was going towards the two. Adrien was still playing hero, also heading in their direction. Miles couldn't help but roll his eyes. Ruko was escaping the the other Control--that much was at least productive. And the brunette was...Oh, right, speaking. "You only have mere minutes to escape since they are distracted. If you attack any of my friends, the blond one will not be my only target got it?"

Miles blank-faced at the Control. "Are you giving me orders?" he asked with a hint of amusement. "The 'blond one', Adrien, will be coming with us." He wasn't sure why he was saying that, but he couldn't leave anyone behind. There was still the chance of their hideout being discovered through means of torturing a captured Nowhere. "We'll all be leaving together, thank you." He frowned and looked around for a good distraction. People were gathering around them, whispering and shouting and pointing. The police would show up soon, he knew, and they would bring them all back to the Lab; since the scientists are signed off as their current 'guardians.' "You'll listen to me, shifter. If you're so concerned about your friends, they will be in a lot of trouble and soon. The police will be here soon enough and nobody wants to see what they'll do to a rampaging metal-head, not to mention those involved with him. They have guns. His armor might be sealed tight--but I doubt it's that strong. And, well, if it is..." he trailed off for a moment, before shrugging. "It may just bounce off and hit your female friends. That wouldn't be good, would it?"

He paused and leaned on one foot. "We both want out of this situation. The sooner this happens, the better. Worry about your friends getting out before the police show up and I'll worry about my friends getting away from you people. Sound fair?" Miles raised an eyebrow. "We don't really have much time for debate."