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located in The Skycity of Revelation, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Skycity of Revelation



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District Delta

Victoria cursed in her head. Being Etzel's apprentice, she was resisting the urge to flinch when Pandora began making up her excuse. Then again, she was never as subtle as her master- despite the fact when things got too stressful her master tended to end things violently. She tried taking it all in stride, but her lip twitched in annoyance when Ishtar began rubbing it in.

There was no choice at this point. Victoria could probably kill Ishtar. She had no knowledge of her self defense skills, but Victoria was fairly certain she could at least prick her with one of the many dangerous poison-coated needles. She was about to palm a blade before Ishtar began talking of things that might actually be of use. Victoria relaxed slightly. Let the songbird sing before I euthanize her. She thought remorselessly. She was in enemy territory. Once they blow your cover, you weren't safe until that knowledge was destroyed and you were back in safe grounds.

Her demands were laughable, but she probably wouldn't have said anything otherwise and before she could think about it Pandora was already spilling the truth. The poor girl was never meant for espionage. Victoria managed what she hoped was a warm wave to the little girl, saddened slightly at the prospect of having to kill her.

Kill them, what was she thinking? A year ago she would have spat at the idea. Survival was her main instinct nowadays, and to ensure survival, she had to get rid of them if necessary. She decided to save the decision until after this was all over. She listened to Ishtar and Pandora, watching the fingers trace the map while her mind raced at a thousand miles per hour. She quickly took the initiative, memorizing the map. Luckily, memorizing lists and lists of herbs, potions, and poultices did not go to waste, as her memory has become an impeccable computer. Or a camera.

"Sewers. The perfect place for a smuggling operation, as cliche as it is." She muttered under her breath. "Maybe, there are holding cells along the way in case...? Yes, yes. That is a distinct possibility- but there are branches- how does he or she... Guards? Perhaps but it might not stop all of them. The map... the beginning leads to a large manse..."

She paused, trying to recall a map of Revelation Etzel had forced her to remember. Deliveries had to be made, and house calls had to be kept.

"That is the manse of the current Prime Minister...." She said to herself. "The basement? How crude... there must be a hidden passage. How are these operations performed. When? Haphazardly? Guard changes?"

She began chattering incoherently at this point, a reincarnate of the masked doctor.

District Alpha

Taylor bowed his head. "My sympathies to you, Lord Chandler." He said. The old man's words shook him. It furthered his resolve, to find out what was going on and hopefully return the boy to this husk of a man. However, with the clues Chandler had given him, there was little to go on. What was clear though to Taylor was that; the man loved his kid, the kidnapping wasn't a false rumor, and the kidnapper is an advocate of Gilgamesh or Gilgamesh himself. This lead was scoured of all evidence. He didn't bother try looking in the boy's room, as it would be old and any lingering evidence would have been completely obliterated by now.

"I thank you, Lord Chandler. I know it doesn't mean much, but I'll see what I can do." He said, gesturing to Safrina. The maid bowed once, exiting the room.

In the vehicle, Taylor looked up at the mirror that reflected Safrina's composed face. "What do you think?" He asked.

"I think the man is telling the truth, but we have little information to go on." She replied.

"I think the same thing. Quite the insight, Safrina. I may not have gotten him to speak otherwise."

"Think nothing of it, milord." She replied.

"Safrina, I would like you to look after Siri when we get back. Out of all the maids, you are the most combat orientated." Taylor said wearily. It would be nice of Siri was still there when he got back- Chandler's words hit Taylor where it hurt the most.

"Of course, milord."

Since the trail had gone cold there, Taylor knew that he needed another man to interrogate- or he had to wait for the others to bring back pieces of the puzzle. He already had one- the letter given to Lord Chandler and a confession from the man himself. It was up to the others to find the rest. He hoped to the Goddess that Siri was still there when he got back. The worry nagged at his conscious. Maybe he didn't place enough guards. Maybe Siri went to play with his friends.

It nearly killed him, because though Taylor had only wanted a heir because he had been dying a year back he had grown to truly love the child. His past and demeanor was much more pure than Taylor's. He didn't want to see it corrupted by Gilgamesh if he got his hands on him.

"If possible, Safrina, could you drive a little faster?"

"Yes, milord."