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located in SmileVille, a part of Nowhere Kids, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Time seemed to slow down as Will approached his target; the Control seemed to be frozen as well, as if she was caught up on what to do. When's she going to make her move? Will thought, preparing himself for the inevitable contact between them. She can't very well just stand there! The answer to his question came swiftly, in the form of a frontal projectile attack. Will quickly swatted the knife away with his sword, out of reflex more than anything. "Is that all you've got?" he called, crossing his swords in front of him to set the stage for a slicing attack.

His bravado faded as a large shadow loomed over him. Whipping around, Will barely had time to jump out of the way as a familiar suit of armor barreled towards him. Despite having tried to dodge, the attack was largely successful, with Will's arm getting caught by the blow. The armor shattered on impact, taking a little of the force, but the attack had been so powerful that Will was still sent flying backwards. Dammit! he thought, gripping his right shoulder as daggers of pain shot through his arm. First this arm gets dislocated, and now this? There's got to be at least a dozen fractures... Will sheathed his right sword; he couldn't use that arm anyway, so the blade would only be in the way. I've got to get out of this, he thought, gritting his teeth in a vain attempt to dull the pain. If I get anywhere close to either of the Controls, armor guy barges in and stops me. Time to play dirty, I guess.

Breathing deeply and gathering his mind, Will concentrated his carbon to the surface of his skin. God, my stomach isn't going to be thanking me later... With a final burst of thought, thick black smoke poured out from Will's body, quickly filling the street. Now that his opponents couldn't see him, Will mended his armor as well as he could and removed his shoes, slipping them quietly in his bag. Let's see Goliath beat me if he doesn't even know where I am!