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located in Maine, a part of Collector's Collection, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Requiem Lethera: Victim # 1

Requiem walked slowly over to her couch, her hips going side to side in a natural but elegant walk, holding a mug of tea in her right hand as her laptop sat open on the end of the couch. Her fireplace roared and crackled with orange and red flames, making the apartment she stayed in nice and warm as fall was closing in outside and the nights were getting colder and colder. She sat down, sipping from the mug slowly before setting it down on the counter beside the couch.

She was working on a new book; called "Dancing with Demons." and she was at chapter 6 so far, where Laura and Jenera were fighting in the back alley behind the coffee shop, and blood was spilling. She let her fingers move fast, and her eyes started at the screen as the words kept going and going along the screen. Her mind was getting into it.

Jenera slashed her long nails across Laura's side, and with a shriek, Laura fell on a knees from the blood spilling onto the ground. Jenera walked over slowly, wiping off blood from her cheek as sweat dripped down her chocolate brown skin and she was breathing heavily. Laura could only fall over onto the ground, her own heavy breathing becoming slower and slower as blood leaked across the dirty floor of the alley.

"How stupid could you get, Laura? You stood up to me... and now.... you're going to wish you hadn't." Jenera said, taking out a long silver knife from between her two breasts. Of course it cut the sides but Jenera could hardly feel the pain over the joy of being able to finally take this young blonde's life. She was annoying; irritating... she had been getting in the way all these weeks and now she would die. Jenera leaned down beside Laura, slowly raising the long silver knife above her head...

A sound made Requiem's fingers stop typing. She slowly looked around her apartment; the kitchen light was on but everything else was off so he couldn't see near the bedroom and bathroom. She had heard something that sounded like hands brushing against the wall and footsteps making the floor creak, which made shivers run up her spine.

She slowly got off the couch, saving her word document but keeping her laptop open. She looked around the apartment twice... her eyes scanning slowly for any movement throughout her space... but she didn't see anyone. No one could have gotten in... she had locked the doors and windows...

After a minute of standing there, she decided it was nothing. She reached down, taking a drink from her tea and holding her hands around the handle of the mug.

But then; a hand came over her chest and she was jerked back as she choked on her tea, it draining from her mouth as she dropped her mug and another hand came over her mouth. They were strong arms, and she struggled and jerked around violently, her face going back and forth a she screamed into the hand, trying to bite it.

She thrushed her feet into the air, making the body stumble back as she broke free. But she tripped over her table and crashed into the glass coffe surface, a shattering sound hitting her ears as she felt a stabbing pain in her arm and shoulder. She screamed from the pain, writhing and moving around as she tried to get up but hands pulled her up. She was getting weaker; and could feel warm blood all over her right arm.

She kept moving around, trying to yank herself free. But then she felt a sharp pain in her neck; which was a needle jabbing into her pain artery. She jerked and struggled for a few more minutes, but then... she felt drowsy. She slowly slumped into the arms that held her restrained, and then her eyes slowly closed as she felt the arms picking her up and clasping her against a chest... and then everything faded.

All that was left was a computer running, a fire going, and a broken mug with tea spilled all over the new white carpet.



Requiem's eyes flashed open. She could see the dim refection of a dark ceiling above her, and she blinked a few times before she could feel she was laying on a small bed with soft sheets and a plush pillow under her head. She felt her head pounding as she slowly lifted herself up, a hand on the right side of her forehead as she looked around slowly, her vision blurry at first... but then it started to come clear.

She was in a small cell type room; with a night stand beside her, a small lamp giving off a faint light that dimply lit the dark room. The floor was hard but clean, and she looked down at her body. She was not wearing her clothes she had on the night she had been writing her story... her baggy black and red pajama pants, a tang-top that was gray with a white vampire bat on it... that was it.

She looked down at her arm... it was bandaged all the way up to her elbow, and it was tight... she had injured herself. Faint visions of crashing into her glass coffee table played through her mind. She then realized; she wasn't wearing the bra she had on was not on her. She was wearing a pair of black shorts and a white tang top; and her breasts were more exposed... someone had removed her clothing? She slowly got up, and she saw a set of clothes on a chair.

She walked over slowly; and it was the clothes she had been wearing. She put on her black bra; and realized they had been washed. She adjusted the pants and tang-top, and put on a pair of white socks that had been added to the collection of clothes... where was she? She walked over to the large metal door that had a small window, and as she gazed out, she only saw a dark hallway and saw the flickering look of another metal door...

She realized.... she had been abducted. Her heart started to pound extremely hard, her adrenaline sipking as she began to hyperventilate....

What was going to happen to her?