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located in Maine, a part of Collector's Collection, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Sebastian Matthews; Victim 2

Sebastian was in a blind fury. Damn his brother. For a moment, Seb wished that he could blind his little brother. That would show the stupid boy not to rearrange things like that so Sebastian got hopelessly lost in his own home. As the blind teen swung his leg over his open window ledge he touched the scar on his forehead. It had come from his brother as well. He sighed heavily and swung his other leg over the sill so he was sitting with his legs dangling in empty air. Then he pushed off, free-falling the couple feet into the bushes below. He felt a terror in his belly like he always did when he fell, but he knew that he'd always land safely. He landed silently, like a cat descending from a tree to catch it's unwary prey. Now he was free for the night to wander to his hearts content.

Sebastian was not afraid of the dark, his whole world was made up of inky blackness. He loved the night, when everyone else could see as little as he could. Seb took to strolling down the street, pale spidery fingers trailing along the fences and caressing mailboxes as he walked his familiar path. He was a wraith in the night, confident no one could see him. He was in control, and he could do it on his own. no need for his crooning, pout-y mother, his high expectations father, or his better-than-thou brother. It was just him and the night in intimate harmony, like strings in a piano thrumming together, creating chords of life.

Sebastian's fingers flexed. He was working on learning a new song, one by an obscure composer, but truly one of the most beautiful he'd ever heard. He just couldn't get the same sounds to come out of his piano. he needed more feeling, he needed a feeling he didn't have. He needed the feeling one gets when seeing the world for the first time, gazing across a rolling sea at a glorious sunset, observing a wide stretch of patchwork land from the top of a mountain, feelings that were out of his grasp forever.

Sebastian frowned slightly. No thinking of such thoughts while he was being embraced by the velvet night. He should think pleased thoughts as he breathed fresh untainted air. He turned a corner, then felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up eerily. He felt like someone was watching him. His pace spend up almost unintentionally and he could feel his palms becoming sweaty.

A sudden snap of a twig made Seb yelp quietly and freeze. He clapped a hand over his own mouth, holding his breath. He waited for a moment, then two, and there was no more sound. It must have been his imagination. Being alone can play tricks on the mind, he reasoned as he continued walking. But still the feeling persisted, and Seb's pace sped up. He followed his usual path, which wound through the town and at some points dipped into the forest, at a swift walk, almost a run.

When he was nearly back to his house, Sebastian's foot caught on a trash can that had been left out in the middle of the sidewalk all night. he fell hard to the ground, his palms slapping the cement and they broke his fall. He rolled over onto his back, trying to get his breath back when he heard footsteps. Fear swelled in his body. He tried to scramble away, but his escape was blocked by a fence. he was trapped, blind against the wall. A hand grabbed his collar, lifting Sebastian up into the air. He opened his mouth to scream, but the hand shook him hard, sending him into a daze. He struggled against the hand feebly, trying to kick at whoever had him. Every single blow missed.

After fighting until he was too exhausted to make another move, Sebastian was lowered to the ground. He felt a sharp pain in his wrist, and gathered up the last of his energy to flee. He used the fence to pull himself up and took a few wobbly steps towards home. He could get there. Who ever owned the hand was making to move to stop him. He need not scream. He...need....not.....

Sebastian tumbled to the ground, unconscious. His last coherent thought was, Damn you, brother.


Sebastian awoke, groggy and annoyed. he had been dreaming the most pleasant dream. He had learned to play the song he so struggled with, and he played it more beautifully that anyone had every even dreamed to be possible. Apart from Sebastian, that is. As he dragged himself back into full consciousness he realized that he wasn't in his own bed, and he was lacking a shirt. He sat up and threw the covers off himself, dragging his sore body out of the small bed. It was much smaller than his, but yet strangely more comfortable.

Seb stretched his sore muscles and stood, feeling out where he was. It was a small is room, with a door that had bars in it. He also found his own clothes, or at least, what felt to be his own clothes, jeans and a t-shirt, but he decided to leave on the shorts he was wearing at the moment. They were much more comfortable. His mother would kill him if she found out he wasn't wearing a shirt in a strange place. Who ever had abducted him wasn't all that bad, Seb though vaguely. Apart form the throbbing headache he felt fine. At least he wouldn't have to deal with his brother for a little while. He was confident that his mother would kick up such a big fuss he'd be found in a few days. At least he'd have a bit of peace until that happened.

Sebastian walked back to the door and pressed his face against the bars. he wondered if he was alone, or if there were others. Well, only one was to find out. "Hello? Anyone home?" He called out softly through the bars, his voice echoing slightly.