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located in Maine, a part of Collector's Collection, one of the many universes on RPG.




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A. Mathew was in the main room, preparing things; already he could barely hear the muffled voices of the victims from the other rooms. "He sure did get a truck load; especially some attractive ones." He said, leaning on the wall, spinning the broom he was suppose to be using to clean the floor. He leaned forward for a bit before dropping the broom and walking forwards towards where the slim white laptop is; it was a newer version he had not only picked out himself, but got it for free after sleeping with the store owner's daughter. She was a sweet girl but had brains like mash potatoes and would follow A. Mathew around like a puppy dog; don't get him wrong, he enjoyed her company when he needed her, but hanging around him tend to bare a price.

His fingers tapped onto the top of the closed laptop before he made a low growl. "Ah damn, why do I have to clean? He should know better than to make me do this stuff!" He ruffled his hair before looking around. "So the piano has some dust on it, he can clean it himself if it was that important; besides... I want to know what other punishments he can inflict on me~." His voice just sounded a bit too happy for a normal person; but hey, he never did say he was exactly normal. "Im going to check on the 'guest.'" He said, walking towards the door that led to the downstairs area where they are kept; he opened the door with that cheeky smile of his. "I shall be back." He hummed to the room filled with no life.

He walked down the dark hall way before stopping at a door that needed a code to get in; they where probably in the most hidden part of the mansion, even if someone did break in, they would never leave here alive. He entered the code and walked in, to where another flight of stairs; which led to a hallway with a metal door and there, entered him into the area where they kept their 'guests'. As he opened that metal door, he glared into the darkness. "Damn, why does he make it so dark in here?" He whispered calmly. He turned towards his right and placed his hand onto the wall; his fingers glided across the wall and hooked onto the light switch before flicking it on. The lights gleamed across the hallway where they held the 'guests'; he barely peered into the windows before finding only two of them awake. He gave that innocent and gentle smile he uses to swoon others off their feet. "Are you guys alright?" He said gently.

He leaned against the back wall where he was visible to both of the two people who where awake. "Im really sorry this happened to you, but I promise that I will make sure that he won't hurt you." Lies, all lies, but hey, he loved acting. "Oh, but you probably won't believe me... will you?" He quivered a little, biting his bottom lip like a small lost child. "Listen, I am truly sorry for this... if I could stop him, I would." He looked at their doors and at the boy who had peered his head out of the bars. "I am Mathew." He gave out his innocent smile again, this time, he put a bit of misery into it, so it looked as if he wanted out himself. "Is it alright if I ask yours?" His voice as well, sounded like a lost child, yet, it had a cruel tint to it if listened close enough to.