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located in Maine, a part of Collector's Collection, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Dmitri Venis, was at the moment very much asleep. His hand was balled into a fist, his chin directly on top of it while he sat silently in the long dark armchair in the middle of the main room of his home. Dark black curtains managed to shield the sun's harsh rays from entering the house and the handsome twenty three year olds dark eyes. His jaw was shut down so tightly that if one listened closely enough they would be able to hear the faint sound of grinding between his teeth. No dreams went on during the mans time napping, because he had everything he could possibly want now. What was left to dream of when the whole world was simply yours for the taking?

After a few moments the long legged man would gently open his eyes and direct a small frown over towards where Mathew was working so "diligently" if not loudly." Even if I'm asleep I can still hear you grumbling." Dmitri would seem to purr towards his most helpful and loyal assistant. Shooting one more look over towards him, Dmitri would flex his fingers on the two armrests and then jump up, clapping his hands together in an excited manner. His darlings should have been waking up from their naps right about now as well. The tall and boyish looking man would grin sheepishly at the thought,and would turn his head to stare at Mathew as he moved to check on them. He did know how much his helper enjoyed teasing, and he usuallly allowed him to do it because it amused him as well.

Dmitri would tilt his head to the side and glance around the room to check everything once more before he summoned his guests to the main room along with him. He would walk quietly over towards where the large ebony Grand Piano was and gently pressed a few keys. A few light noises that made him suspect it was in working condition came out and he moved on to glance over at the easel and the laptop Mathew had been complaining about minutes ago. Both looked perfect, though he wouldn't exactly know until they were in his newest family members hands. The laptop of course had no internet connection, and he had shut down every phone in the house but his cellphone.

After giving everything one more quick check, he would walk rather cheerfully towards the speakerphone he had installed in the main room and the cells and would clear his throat right before speaking into it."Rise and shine my darlings." His voice would coo at them with such mocking that he was sure they would already become annoyed with him. " I'm unlocking your doors now, so please....come join me in the day room. We have much talking to do." And with that he would move away from the microphone and would gently press the small red button near his desk, opening the doors to his guest's cells.
"Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly.." He would mumble, chuckling slightly under his breath as he moved to sit back down on his large black leather armchair once more.