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located in Maine, a part of Collector's Collection, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Sebastian Matthews

Sebastian heard footsteps tip-tap their way towards him, and a sugar sweet voice speak softly. He shuddered slightly. that voice gave him the same feeling as drinking honey, a slimy feeling in the back of his throat that slowly and unnervingly worked it's way to the pit of his stomach. The voice said it's name was Mathew, but before Seb could open his mouth to say a word another voice startled him. This voice was confident and cool, a sweet refresh form the chilling warmth of the sickly honeyed voice. Sebastian didn't trust the voice, but there was a certain force in it that commanded attention and admiration. He also heard a soft startled sound from across the hall. A female sound. Ah, so he wasn't alone. What could this Honey voice, and the confident voice want with them? From the words Sebastian could assume that there were more than the two of them. Odd, wasn't it?

Sebastian found the handle and opened the door. What else could he do? He could already hear the female's footsteps take her to where ever this 'day room' was. He stepped out and put his hands out in front of him, almost like he was a sleepwalker or a zombie. Why not play up the defenseless blind boy. That was what most of the self defense tutors his mother had brought for him had told him to do. Lie low and wait for rescue, because you can't get away on your own. It had been drilled into his cranium time after time by various teachers.

He grasped at the empty air, taking small hesitant steps. He didn't want to fall, and he had no idea what the lay out was like. He could hear the man with the honeyed voice breathing, so he reached out in that direction his pale fingers bent slightly with uncertainty. "I shall need assistance?" He said, a frown pulling at his face. Sebastian didn't like asking for help, but he didn't know any other way to make it to where ever this room was and seem defenseless at the same time. A faint thought wavered in his mind, wondering whether he should have at least put his shirt back on before venturing out. Oh well. This was more comfortable anyway.

Seb's body was slight and uniform, only the barest hint of muscle on his body. His mother made sure he had to do only the most menial task because he was blind and therefore unable to do things by himself. Was he? Seb surely thought not. He was sure he could do things by himself, but now? Doubt and a tad bit of fear blossomed in his belly. He was completely in the dark, and he'd never been in a situation like this before. He swallowed loudly, trying to keep the fear down.