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located in The Skycity of Revelation, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Skycity of Revelation



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District Alpha

This was not nearly as fun as he remembered, which was odd considering that Eos had found himself in similar situations since aligning himself with Loki. Fighting against near-insurmountable odds with absolutely no hope of outside intervention felt much more desperate than it did a few months ago. It was probably the feeling that they were entering the endgame that made each move have such a heavy air of finality, Eos thought as he opened up the interior forearm of one of his attackers. Hissing a curse about useless vambraces, the guardsman retreated to inspect a gash that opened from wrist to elbow and allowed the next combatant to step into place.

Emboldened by their steady acquisition of ground on the single opponent, the intensity with which the guards attacked redoubled. Never one to be outdone, Eos bared his teeth, parried a heavy slash and lunged for the female fighter's chest with the serrated claws of his gauntlet. Although the attack fell short of it's target, the sudden ferocity with which their cornered adversary responded was enough to balk the guards enough for Eos to gain some breathing room.

Despite this temporary reprieve, Eos still felt a twinge of elation when Loki called out for him. It had only been a minute or so of actual combat but Eos was still breathing hard when the door slammed shut behind him. A rivulet of blood ran around his left eye from a superficial cut, but Eos did not seem to notice as he nodded to Loki's acidic words. With a smile, only one phrase came to mind: "The best laid plans of mice and men, Loki. I suppose that counts for lovely young women now, too."

Eos took the liberty of unhooking his battle gloves and replacing them against the small of his back. Damn, those things are heavier than I thought they'd be. In the training rooms, Eos usually practiced his forms and technique with little more than breeches and his choice of armament. The weight of his leather armor, thief's tools and hidden weapons had not been accounted for. He doubted that they would need to engage in a larger-scale battle again and resolved to use a more stealthy approach no matter what else the night may bring. His eyes now fully adjusted to the change in lighting, Eos leaned against a crate and waited for Loki to finish her inspection.

It was over faster than Eos expected, and he was colored impressed when the princess managed to not only locate but open up a hidden portal. Ever the dutiful hound, Eos padded silently after Loki down the stairs. When the stink of fecal matter and other unpleasantness met his nostrils the assassin wrinkled his nose in disgust. "That's just wrong. How is somebody supposed to snoop around properly if the place reeks of shit and despair?" with a shrug, Eos began walking alongside Loki. He almost snickered at each of the woman's carefully placed footfalls.

After a few minutes of travel Eos began to get antsy. He had been keeping track of time with his heartbeat. Every seventy-four ticks was roughly a minute, and they had not spent as much time down here as it felt. That was the problem with subterranean lose track of time, and it begins to slip through your fingers as your perception is altered by the lack of light-change. When the area leveled out into a uniform style, Eos began his controlled breathing and cracked his knuckles. He was not hoping for a fight, but he would rather be ready for one than not.

It came as something of a shock when Loki spotted a child in one of the cells. With a face set in stern resolve, Eos took to one knee and withdrew several picks for the second time that night. He was put off by the complexity of the lock on the cell compared to that of Gilgamesh's windows. Wouldn't it be better to keep people out in the first place than to- "Loki, it's done."

Pulling the door open, the assassin waved Loki in. He was not exactly a people person and figured that damaged people responded better to a feminine charm.