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located in SmileVille, a part of Nowhere Kids, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Will stood in the depths of his cloud and waited. Part of him screamed to take the advantage of the cover he had given himself and attack his adversary, while the other half insisted that it was too dangerous and that he should just wait the battle out. Maybe Miles or Ruko will be able to handle him, Will thought as he pondered over what to do. I've already taken too much damage as it is, any more could result in my capture, or worse.

Will quelled his thoughts as the familiar sound of metallic footsteps reached his ears. "Here we go," he murmured to himself, readying himself for the impending impact. Will waited and waited, but the collision never came. What the... Will listened more intently at the clanking; it wasn't coming towards him, it was moving away! "He's going for the others!" Will cried, his heart jumping into his throat at the revelation. He had to do something... but what? He only had one good arm, if he lost the other one, he would be virtually defenseless. He would have to stick with ranged attacks, but with only his left arm to use, Will's aim would likely be sub par. In addition to that, he couldn't create any more carbon; the hunger pangs from his past uses were already becoming apparent, and if he used any more material, there was no telling what would happen. I can't just let them get caught, though.

β€œHey, everyone out of here, cops and paramedics will be here soon. Unless you all want to get charged with destroying half the street and property, get out of here.” Ruko said.

Is she bluffing? Will thought, removing one of the energy bars from its wrapper and wolfing it down. The situation out there must be pretty desperate. I have to hurry! He quickly sheathed his second saber in its sheath and rushed out of his smokescreen, rekindling active control of his carbon armor. "Look out!"he called, skidding in between the rest of the of the Nowheres and Randle, gathering his armor into two long spear-like extrusions and extending them towards their attacker.