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located in District Alpha, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

District Alpha

The wealthiest district in Revelation.


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Under almost any other circumstances, Eos would have found Loki's moment of tender maternal care touching. Now though, it grated on his nerves. Not so much the act, no, the assassin was dwelling on the reason why this child was here in the first place. It was not until Loki spoke again that Eos snapped out of his reverie. The ever dutiful assassin nodded, took one passing look at the child and turned to head further down the tunnel. Places like these always had multiple entrances and exits in the event that the operation went under or somebody ratted the location out. As he lead on, Eos could only wonder as to what was running through the mind of the future queen.

The following day; Assassins' Guild meeting room

Eos had opted to stand throughout Loki's debriefing despite the fatigue that so obviously weighed the man down. Lack of sleep pressed on the assassin like a suffocating mask, forming deep crescents under the man's eyes and giving him a slack look that a man of no small physical means should sport. Still, arms crossed and eyes sharp, Eos listened on. Although he had spent most of the night at the palace, he had not spoken to Loki at all since arriving and was forced to twiddle his thumbs as the smarter members of their 'team' pieced things together.

Even after a rundown of the situation, Eos still found himself feeling lost amid the sea of plots and betrayal. What in the hell was Gilgamesh doing with all of the corpses his ritual killings produced? Revelation has only so much storage space, and it would take an inordinate amount of power to grind up that many corpses into an inconspicuous paste that would go unnoticed in the waste bins. Even then, based on the information Loki was providing, that would be alot of human goo to get rid of.

The word 'volunteers' caught the assassin's attention. Eos felt as if he should smirk or crack a joke, but it just was not in him. Instead, he contemplated where his skills would be most appreciated. The trial was ruled out immediately. Helping to cull any mage riots would probably make the most use of his abilities, but Eos felt like there would be a great deal of guardians surrounding each bomb as well that might require his touch. In the end, the assassin could not decide. A lump formed in the back of his throat as the others gave their two cents and words of encouragement.

Four Days Later

The Royal Palace

Dressed in a fine suit of formal-wear with freshly polished shoes, Eos immediately caught the attention of the current guards. After a few customary and routine checks, the assassin was ushered in to wait in the lobby. A maid, one whose name Eos had never bothered to remember, smiled and disappeared down the hall leading to the kitchen. Eos smiled upon her return, for sure enough the woman came bearing a small bowl of ice-cream. He was told that the wait might be a while, considering the preparations that the princess was endeavoring to complete in the short amount of time given. Eos nodded and took in spoonfuls of the frozen treat as he waited. It tasted bitter this day.

It was not too long before Eos was sent in to a smaller room with a two-seat table near the window, opposite to some archaic instrument Loki had referred to as a piano some time ago. Here he would await the princess herself and, hopefully, not feel too depressed by the time he had to leave. The man stretched before taking a seat on the high-backed chair. Periodically, Eos glanced down to see if his briefcase was still there. He was going to need it.