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located in Nardragelen, a part of The Oracle's Prophecy, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Elanis redirected her attention at Arthur as the young man spoke to her. She chuckled lightly as being called "Lady Elanis." She wasn't royalty, but suspected that Arthur simply didn't know how to address her. But the looks of it, he hadn't spent much time around elves.
"Elanis will do," she said simply. "And you perhaps you are right, that we must find better shelter," Elanis stood and took a few strides toward the stream. Projecting her voice, but not sounding like she was yelling, she called out to the three other saviors.
"Come now, we must be going. We shouldn't like to see a repeat of earlier. Other patrols will pass through here; it isn't safe."