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located in The Skycity of Revelation, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Skycity of Revelation



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After their brief discussion concerning the purpose of the demarcations on the map the trio proceeded slowly and quietly to the entrance from whence they had come. After finally exiting the stinking tunnels darkness was quickly descending upon the still unsuspecting city, a rather ominous omen if the young smith had anything to say about it, and Sir Amon was just as quick to dismantle that party so that they could all return to their respective residencies and prepare for the upcoming plight. How long they would have to prepare still eluded Danterus’ thoughts, but he was planning on making every second of it count.

After bowing respectively to each man for a farewell the smith wasted no time in turning for the Blacksmith’s Guild that was not altogether very far from the location of the sewer entrance they had just exited. On second thought it was rather bold of them to stage such an attack whilst their comrades were ravaging the school, but it did make complete strategic sense to lure the City Guards away from this area to the Garrison where fighting seemed to be the heaviest. Whoever devised such a plan might be well-educated or at least suffered through several dusty volumes of war-time stratagems in one of the local libraries. This certainly began narrowing down the list of whoever the masterminds were behind this scandal.

As he continued pondering on this labyrinthine subject the cobblestoned roads of Beta district flew by with alarming speed. Lines blurred as the young man delved even deeper into the depths of his mind, trying to find some connection with the methods being used and some particular tome with which he could study and see if there was as strict pattern to their strategy. Unfortunately he had never studied strategic warfare very in-depth, but he knew enough of the big names and their volumes to find a point of reference and work out from there. If the person was fool enough to idealize one single tactician and emulate their strategy they would have made a fell move, and hopefully that was the case with such a time as this.

By the time young Danterus had finally finished the compilation of titles and basic ideas the gates to the Compound loomed up before him. An image of the winding streets of Beta District was clearly implanted into the young man’s subconscious, and no matter what he was thinking at the time there was no losing his way through the familiar streets. With a heavy sigh he began proceeding towards The Forge where the Forgefires were making a temporary residence until their Manor could be rebuilt, and unfortunately he knew the first thing he would need to do was report to his father Garbiel and begin discussing the events that just passed.

Well like as not he had to face the music, which was rather unfortunate for the nonce since he knew his father was keeping a wary on him. Garbiel knew of his seething hatred for mages as clearly as he knew the truth of Garbiel’s seemingly indifferent and compassionate nature. Judging by the time of day his father had more than likely eaten, but there would probably be a portion of food that could be warmed up rather quickly. His father did always take notice of the details rather compulsively and was not a man to lose track of trivial matters.
Garbiel had not expected to have his request denied by the young Scheherazade, but he had been accustomed to such situations so much so that he was able to mask the disappointment that lie underneath his calm exterior. She was not a slave, and he did not have the power of contract, so she was free to make her own decisions. The elderly man thought it might have been for the best though, he did hate using people like pawns at like this, and unless necessity forced him he was not going to compromise another’s choices.

“Leave the blade. It will come back to me. I will take your words to caution, but for right now I must leave for my apartment. There is much to be done and little time to prepare.”

Bowing his head slightly the large man lumbered off with heavy steps towards the hallway and to his temporary abode. After looking at a clock hanging on the wall adjacent his room he noted an hour had passed since he first entered Scheherazade’s apartment and dined. How that much time passed with so little done or said he was not sure, but time was always a fickle friend who liked to deceive you every chance it could get. His right hand reached out and grasped the door-knob lightly with just the index finger and thumb before opening the door while letting his cumbersome feet carry him to the desk placed on the right-hand wall as you enter.

Sitting on the desk was an assortment of papers which had been sent for by Garbiel concerning various matters, and most of which were copies of business papers that his clients had sent to sort out various odds and ends. Obviously there were a few people trying to whittle whatever they could from him, but such trivialities did not concern him, and in fact he noticed letting a few of these cases slip by occasionally did wonders for business relations. To think of all the people who would spend more money when they thought they were saving a fraction of the price. However located on the other side of the desk from the mountainous stack of documents was a new bottle of wine with a crystal glass seated next to it. From the looks Ironarm had it sent while he was dining with the assassin, and it was a very good vintage to boot.

Grasping the neck of the bottle with his left hand the aging man produced a corkscrew from one of the desk drawers and used the device to open the container. While letting the bottle breath for a second he removed the cork, placing it upside down on the bottom left-hand corner of the desk, and replaced the corkscrew to its intended place. Not wanting to muddle his thoughts more than necessary Garbiel decided to merely pour a half-glass of wine for the moment, there was still much left to be done even if it was not necessarily intended to be prepared tonight.

By the time he had finished delicately sipping the contents of the glass down to nothing a knock sounded at the door. Without caring who was awaiting outside Garbiel merely called out, “It is open,” so that whoever it was could enter without an undue wait. Surprisingly it was his son Danterus, and by the smell of it the small party he had joined had successfully ventured into the sewers, but whether they had any luck Garbiel was sure he was soon to find out. After pouring himself a full glass this time the Smith produced yet another glass from the same drawer as the corkscrew who had stocked these drawers he was unsure, but he did liked their style.

“It looks like you need this a bit more than I Danterus. Please sit there is much we need to discuss.”

Plopping down into the chair in front of the desk the young Danterus quickly grabbed the glass presented to him and tested the vintage carefully. The young man had learned quite a lot of gentility during the short time he had to observe the nobility and upper-echelons of the merchant class, and wine-tasting was a favorite next to fencing.

“This is a good year. Ironarm sent this, yes?”

“He did indeed. How fared you in the sewers?”

“For a matter of fact we did remarkably well. There are a few things not worth mentioning, but we found a kind of vault with blood streaking the walls and looked as if they had caged someone in the room. There was a symbol chiseled into the floor. Do you have pen and parchment?”

Garbiel listened attentively while Danterus spoke, and when asked for the paper Garbiel opened another drawer that contained paper, a quill pen, and an ink bottle. Slightly older fashioned and harder to come by in this day and age, but Garbiel believed it gave the writing more body and substance than other writing instruments. Danterus scowled slightly at this cumbersome tool, but knew better than to question his father on such a subject. He might lecture him about style and substance again for all he knew. The young man slowly worked out the symbol as he continued with his narrative.

“In the corner of this chamber we also found a table in one corner with a map drawn on it. It was a sketch of the city with places marked distinctively and the same symbol as on the ground inscribed into the corner of the parchment. Our assumption is that the marks denote a cache of explosives or incendiaries meant to burn from Gamma inwards.”

Garbiel watched his son patiently until he finished with the symbol about the same time his narrative was concluded. When Danterus turned the drawing to face his father a quizzical brow raised itself from Garbiel’s usually complacent demeanor.

“Any idea as to what this is supposed to mean?”

“Not yet, but we are hoping to find out more soon.”

The older man looked into the bottom of his wine glass as he contemplated pouring another round. It would be along discussion tonight, but neither needed to lose their edge for the time being, yet he still could not resist pouring another glass for the both of them. This was a night to relax themselves so that they could wake up fresh in the morning.
Assassin’s Guild: The Next Day

Danterus and Garbiel had arrived slightly before the other members of their faction to attend to business with the Guild itself. Garbiel had spent the most part of the preceding hours going through paperwork with Sir Amon while Danterus scoured the library for all books concerning explosives and even chancing his life by flirting with several of the apprentices and assassins roaming the halls. He may have been a somewhat familiar face amongst this particular guild, but they were still hired killers, and it seemed easier for the women than the men despite the general stereotypes.

By the time everyone had been received and the meeting commenced both Garbiel’s older eyes and Danterus’ younger one were swimming with letters from the hours of reading they had done. The mind-shock had been slightly easier for Garbiel though, at least he could put the business out of his mind while Danterus had to try and keep what little knowledge he had about explosives. He had never needed an extensive knowledge of that particular thing, but he knew a little from his experience with the forge and several other weapons manufacturers.

When the Princess Loki finished her piece and questioned the group as to their role the father and son did not need to stop and hesitate to ponder their answer. Their apparent strengths and weaknesses soon highlighted themselves in the tasks with Garbiel attending to Parliament while Danterus scurried about in the sewers yet again.

“I think it best to for myself to help with Parliament. If Nethanial Ironarm and I are invited as well as the two heads of the Carpenter’s Guild our positions will be known to the rest of the nobles. We have a considerable number of friends within that sphere if I may be so bold as to say.”

“Well I don’t know about the rest of us, but I’m going into the sewers to defuse bombs. Lord Taylor may have men more experience with explosives, yet I doubt they will be unguarded and if that’s the case I may be of some help."