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located in The Assassins' Guild, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Assassins' Guild

Tallest building in District Gamma, and a reminder that the Assassins are always present- especially when you can't see them.


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Hunched over a small work table, the blonde girl was prodding a trapped rat to a tray with a needle. Proving to be the best way to test poisons so far, Victoria felt she had no choice but to follow in her Master's footsteps and kidnap rats off the streets of Revelation for scientific purposes. She had wondered briefly when he had become completely desensitized to their keening squeaks. She was testing quick-acting poisons, as she may need to fight enemies with the defusing of the bombs under the city. This means she didn't have to get a killing blow with her blade, merely a scrape and the opponent would be down for the count.

She carefully wafted the beaker of liquid toward her, picking up the faint smell of almonds. The best part about her is that she was able to detect cyanide- one out of a thousand blessed with such an ability. Cyanide was so far, her best choice. 30 seconds after entering the bloodstream it would render somebody unconscious, and after a full minute they'd be dead. She took a small scalpel, and laced it with some of the poison. Whipping it across the Rat's stomach, a small cut appeared right under it's torso. The rat struggled and shrieked, but as expected, after about half a minute the animal stopped struggling.

She dipped the scalpel in water, diluting the poison then carefully wiped the blade down. It was at that point she heard the door open. Turning around, she saw Scheherazade looking in at her. She quickly turned red and tried to cover the rat corpse, pulling it free of it's bonds and shoving it in a bag to be disposed of later. "Uh.. Uh.. Did you need something... Hera?" She was terrible at remembering nicknames. The chair groaned as she pushed it further back, quickly gathering her things and organizing them in a little case of droppers, vials, and beakers. She was just about done anyways. Aside from select other poisons, she had gathered her main killer.

District Alpha

Taylor's Chemicals was separated from the other districts purely because of construction and worker issues. While Caelin also had to build a little complex for workers to live, that meant building closer to Alpha so the cost of chemical shipping would be less of a drain. Workers that signed up for Taylors job often also received the spite of their neighbors, as some cannot comprehend bending their head for a snotty noble, and others become jealous of their higher pay. Therefore, the families had to be moved to Beta as well. A large cost, but it kept his workers happy, and that was important. He barely had enough people in the first place.

Two men were standing in front of his desk, looking at each other uncomfortably in their specialized suits. Taylor quietly urged them to take a seat. "You're not in trouble." He began, and they visibly relaxed. "The thing is, people might be coming in, and I want you to teach them about explosives. Whatever questions they have, answer them. You can trust them." He said. The two men looked at each other quickly, confused. "Don't worry about everything else. I'll cover it somehow. Just do as they ask." He said. Taylor thought they should be over soon. If not, there was little to worry about. He could just explain that they never showed up or invent some other excuse and send them back to work. The workers filed out.