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located in District Beta, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

District Beta

Also called the merchant's district, and home to the more affluent commoners.


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Three Days After The Meeting

Assassin’s Guild

The sound clashing steel could be heard throughout a large portion of the cavernous Guild as Danterus willed away the hours practicing his swordplay with any number of assassins and apprentices that wished to spar. Albeit he was not the most able-bodied swordsman and bested by the majority of the assassins that faced him there was always some technique to learn from these skilled opponents, and every day he got just a little bit better. There was not telling how skilled the guards in the sewers would be, but none the less the young smith kept slicing away with the razor-sharp rapier he had forged with his own two hands, and the combination of both his strength and speed with such a light weapon proved daunting in the first few motions of any duel. Hopefully he was going to be facing would not be able to hold their composure for much longer than that, or he managed to improve just enough to not die in the first flurries of battle.

Unfortunately the woman with whom he was sparring at the moment was fighting with dirk and short sword and seemed quite capable utilizing both weapons to keep him on his toes. After several minutes of toying with him and testing his reflexes she began to advance inch by inch, blocking with her short sword until the dirk came within slashing distance. As her left hand darted out, aimed at Danterus’ right-hand side since he was a left-handed fighter, the smith was forced to grab the slender wrist with his right hand which ultimately opened up his left for just the chance she needed to tap the blunted blade lightly on his ear.

“Better luck next time smith. Try to keep your distance with that long reach, and if that fails remember it takes longer to bleed out from a dagger or dirk cut than a sword’s. That won’t do you much good if it’s poisoned though.” The female assassin laughed rather venomously as she replaced the blunted weapons to their respective places and strode off to accomplish whatever duties she had for the day.

The perspiring Danterus slumped down against one of the sparring room’s walls, taking off his drenched shirt so that his body could breathe the cool air and allow his body-heat to subside. Even though his body was used to working under much more duress than the current setting provided it was not used to going at the quickened pace he had been forced to use while training with these skilled assassins. The matches were neither very long nor very short, but just quick enough to break up the monotony of the day without disrupting duties and just long enough to show him a trick or prove warm up the muscles.

Throughout the last three days he had noticed several others from their faction going about and doing various things, but he had not taken the time or the effort to try and make conversation with any of them. Instead his days had been spent almost utterly devoted to preparing for the battle in the sewers to come with only a miniscule break for water or food every few hours. After finally looking up from the floor Danterus looked over towards the door and caught a glimpse of someone passing through the hallway. He had never been very good with profiles or appearances from behind so whoever it might be was a mystery, but he decided to call out anyway.

“Hey hold on just a second.” Getting up hurriedly and leaving his shirt lying on the floor behind him Danterus rushed forth to the entrance before the figure vanished from sight.
Same Day

Beta District

Unlike Danterus Garbiel’s days had been much less physically demanding, but he had been racking his brain with a constant shuffling through countless piles of paperwork, using every ounce of persuasive knowledge he had to find more allies for their cause, and slaving over the details of his Manor with the Carpenter’s Guild. His days had been ending somewhere early in the morning while starting at daybreak, which at this time of the year was very early. No matter the problems he faced though the aging smith kept trudging along like the pack-horses used to plow the fields.

Despite the constant company drifting to and fro the man still felt isolated amongst the constantly shifting sea of people. With responsibility there had always come solidarity and misery for those who bore it, and at times he wondered how Revelation’s numerous monarchs had felt during their reign. Naturally some people took responsibility less seriously than others, but they should still feel some of the burden accompanied with high positions.

Garbiel did not even believe his tasks were of the most import in the days to come, but none the less they needed to be handled with as much care as someone would use while holding an infant or a delicate porcelain vase. Whatever happened though they all had a part to play in the upcoming days, and hopefully everyone was prepared for their portion of the unfolding events. With a heavy sigh Garbiel shifted his thoughts away from these thoughts and returned to the list composed for him by the carpenters the night before, asking very precisely what he wanted done for the day.