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Snippet #1671300

located in The Dimecurio's Mansion, a part of Mafia Protection, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Dimecurio's Mansion



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Belinda breathed sharply at Rosalie's words, but her surprise did not register to the expression she wore. Her eyes remained in a cold glare through the window, unconcerned when the car reached top speed. Long ago Belinda had learned one's emotions were best kept to themselves, hidden from the world's view. An open heart only begged to be broken. It was much easier to appear cold and unwelcoming. At least that way, she couldn't get hurt if no one would come near her. If she didn't care, then she couldn't become upset when her father forgot to call on her birthday or if the card, obviously signed by one of his mutts, was off by two years. Or even that she hadn't seen or talked to him since moving to Japan and hardly at all while still living in Italy. Unfortunately for Belinda, she did care. Even if she refused to let the world see her weakness.

In response to Rosalie's statement, Belinda drummed her fingers harder against the car's door. "Whatever," she muttered bitterly. She couldn't help but wonder what her father did for this girl to have her feel such loyalty towards him. She found herself glancing toward Rosalie, questioning what that woman had that she didn't. Why her father would take interest inside a complete stranger rather than his own flesh and blood. Quickly, in a usual response to such thoughts, anger flared inside her. "It's wonderful to see my father cutting corners by taking free help in protecting me," she said nastily. "You must have been a pathetic mess for him to trust that you wouldn't turn against him and just kill me yourself. HA! I wish I could have seen you then."

Belinda chuckled to herself, shifting slightly to better look through the window. From the mirror she could see the two men following her. However, she could also see a third figure on a motorcycle. Another mutt. Great, they just kept coming, didn't they?

As the gates opened and the two pulled into the Dimecurio's mansion, Belinda had lost herself in thought. Bitter words did not settle easily into her mind, but they served the purpose of her mental protection. "I'm Boom Boom Bobbi. Who the hell are you?" Belinda's eyes flickered to the girl that spoke, a smug look settling upon her face.

"Really? That's the best code name you could come up with? Isn't that a character from the Fintstones or something?" Belinda rolled her eyes as she began to walk away. "If my hitmen are anything like you guys, then I won't even need bodyguards." As she said this, four large Doberman, two males and two females, began to wander around her. Belinda patted one of the males on the head and sent a snickering glance to the girls. "Careful, they bite," she said before leaving them to go in the house.