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located in The Dimecurio's Mansion, a part of Mafia Protection, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Dimecurio's Mansion



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Belinda smiled in amusement, sensing Jason's discomfort. He would be an easy one to play with. Perhaps Adrian would be too, if he learned not to break her things. As for Gervosz... He would be a bother. But something told Belinda that he would make an interesting companion, she always liked a challenge. And the girls... Rosalie seemed kind enough, however, Belinda found it difficult to believe she was working without pay. Those types could never be trusted. And for Bam Boom, whatever... She couldn't tell yet. But then again, she really didn't know any of her guards yet. Perhaps she was being too harsh on them.

Belinda sighed thoughtfully, focusing on her perfectly manicured nails. "I'v been here about five months now." Belinda frowned, her hardened exterior cracking slightly. "One more month and it will be a new record for me. That is... If I live that long." The last words escaped before she could control herself. Annoyance slipped into her eyes. "But enough about me Jason. I'm sure Daddy gave you all the information you need in the file. Tell me about yourself; before you joined the mafia. What made you so special for Daddy to trust you?"