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Snippet #1673974

located in The Dimecurio's Mansion, a part of Mafia Protection, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Dimecurio's Mansion



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The job went pretty smoothly. Those guys were... a bit of an idiot. Adrian drive back the the mansion, driving through the gates and parking his car. Locking his car with a small click, Adrian walked inside the mansion and headed straight into the kitchen. Sighing quietly to himself, the hitman grabbed something to drink. Wanting to change out of his suit, which was stained with blood, he quickly walked up to his room, closing the door behind him.

Adrian took a shower and changed into something more.. comfortable. He made sure he had his weapons with him, just in case anything happened. He sat on his bed for a few minutes, thinking over things. Maybe it would be better to just have Belinda be home schooled. Then again.. she's a pretty stubborn girl... and she might now agree to this. "Hm.. I'm thinking too hard," he told himself.

[[FAILED POST! ... it's mid-night here. nothing's coming to mind.. I'm half dead. :( sorry for the horrible/rushed post]]