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located in The Dimecurio's Mansion, a part of Mafia Protection, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Dimecurio's Mansion



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Belinda huffed in satisfaction to Jason's response. He seemed trustworthy, as trustworthy as any of them could be she supposed. "Maybe one day you can show me some of your other scars," she said with a coy smile while tapping gently him on the arm as she leaned back into the couch.

His words came back to her slightly. "Belinda, your father hired us to make sure you live much longer than a month, and I assure you, he wouldn't have hired anyone but the best to do so for his daughter" For some reason, she didn't put much faith into what he said. Rosalie had said this also, about her being safe with them. Perhaps it was because Belinda never knew what safety felt like. Moving from one house to another, constantly scanning the faces in a crowd, having to keep her identity a secret from the world... Did that sound safe? And now her secret life was out. Someone had messed up there so who was to say these people wouldn't mess up too? It was only a matter of time in Belinda's mind. Her goal was to enjoy what little life she had. That was why she acted so tough. Tough people always seemed to be having fun, didn't they?

Belinda sighed as she messed slightly with her hair. It was starting to get long for her personal taste, but that was how Daddy liked it. And what Daddy wanted was what Daddy got. Even she wasn't foolish enough to challenge him.

The girl tapped her fingers on her leg, annoyed by the lack of conversation that had bloomed into an awkward silence after her last comment. She wondered if Adrian would be this sensitive to her words. She stood up suddenly and went over to the fireplace mantel to look at some of the artifacts. "The maids are falling behind," she said to herself with an annoyed tisk. She wiped her finger across the dust. Shadows of missing picture frames could be clearly seen in the dust. After her mother died, Belinda had removed all trace of the woman from the house. At least twenty pictures sat untouched in a box nestled in the basement. In fact, the entire house was void of any personal touches.

Belinda sighed by the thought but was distracted by a soft nudge on her ankle. She smiled down to Lucca who suddenly decided to walk off and jump back on the couch. He froze at the sight of Jason and then crept forward slowly to investigate. Belinda watched for a moment in distaste, thinking that Lucca was hers. "You can play with him if you like," she sighed as if feeling he needed her permission to touch the cat. She hesitated slightly. "He's teething. Don't get upset if he bites or paws at you. He probably just thinks you're a new toy." She turned around once again and continued her inspection but found nothing of interest. She wasn't used to entertaining herself around company and him being one of Daddy's dogs made it even worse. She sighed and sat in a chair opposite to him. "How many people have you killed?" she asked bluntly. "I'm sure none of you are saints." She watched him carefully, pressing her lips tightly together to avoid another question from slipping out. Where any of them my age?