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located in The Assassins' Guild, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Assassins' Guild

Tallest building in District Gamma, and a reminder that the Assassins are always present- especially when you can't see them.


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"Uh.. uh, yes! That sounds good!" Victoria said, clapping her hands together. She was still insanely embarrassed she was caught doing this. How long ago was it that she promised never to do such things as long as she lived? She really needed to get a hold of herself. She quickly followed Scheherazade out of the room, taking a rather quiet walk down to Taylor Chemicals.

Taylor Chemicals

Two men noticed the two girls looking around, and looked at each other. These were the people their boss wanted taught? They weren't ones to complain, as they were still paid without having to work the monotonous job of sorting and verifying chemicals. They waved once, but they were already approaching. There was a little table with several small squares on top. They were fitted with many things, from glass cylinders to simple timers on a nondescript box. Victoria sat down on a little stool, while a wheeled chair was provided for the fire-dancing bodyguard. Victoria eyed the table with interest the entire time, her hands twitching slightly as she resisted the urge to touch them.

"Our boss instructed us to show you how to defuse a bomb. Well, Chemical bombs." One began. "There are so many kinds of bombs it's not really that funny, but all of them work on a simple foundation: action and reaction." The second man motioned to the table. "There's a source of ignition, and a source of reaction. Boss brought us a few compounds that whatever you may be dealing with would most likely possess. Don't tell us who- the less we know, the better."

The second man smiled, pointing to the first one. "Gas bombs. Usually, you'll see a cylinder or container on the exterior that contains the chemicals. There are usually two of these storage containers. They can cause widespread bio-damage, leaving little damage to structures. Usually, the best way to defuse these is to simply cut away the tubes connecting the ignition wire or tube to the container. Unless your guys got their hands on some serious shit, you should try that. Some containers have volatile substances that will combust upon reacting with the air- but that's far and few so you shouldn't worry about that.

The first man walked over to the first bomb, taking a blade and smartly cutting off a single black tube that connected the container to the inside of the bomb.

"Next we have the Combustion bomb. Typical explosion bomb. The most trouble, as it destroys structure and living beings. Burns are no fun. Same as above- just cut the wire connecting to the explosives. There are few other extremely different bombs, usually they run within the Gas or Combustion branch. There are Frags, which are combustion with sharp things inside to cut people up as they propel out. That's the worst kinds."

The first man pointed at the rest of them. They looked either nondescript or very detailed.

"These are the parts of the bomb you'll have trouble with. Since it's so easy to defuse straightforward bombs, bombers create dummy wires and such of the likes to cause the bomb to blow up immediately with tampering. There aren't any real good or concrete techniques to deal with these- they're all dependent on the maker of the bomb- so if you catch him and force him to spill the beans somehow that'll work out very nicely."

"Some bombs will have no wires, but attempting to cut your way to them will cause them to explode. In these cases, you have to carefully dismantle the outside to reach the inside- even if it's on a timer. There's simply no other way." The second specialist demonstrated it by carefully taking a metal box and taking it apart to reveal a piece of paper inside saying "bomb".

Victoria watched them explain carefully. It was a shame, because if it were to be a bomb there would most likely many "dummy wires" as they would put it. She turned to Scheherazade. "What do you think? I'm stumped for questions."