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located in Japan, a part of Mafia Protection, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Bobbi sighed. "I had a feeling you'd want to know. It's 'cos I owe him. And I'm gonna keep owing him, no matter what." she leaned against a streetlight, and lit herself a cigarette, taking a long drag. She regarded the girl, who seemed to be wiser beyond her years. "Well, about ten years back," she exhaled the blueish smoke, "This crack reporter wanted to expose the Giordanio family. He was doing pretty well, until the boss man worked it out. He ran to Demicurio. Gave him the information he had, in return for protection for his wife, his daughter and himself. Demicurio agreed. But the info didn't last more than about a year, before it ended up useless. Demi paid a visit to the reporter, and told him he was gonna cut the protection if the 'porter didn't cough up somethin' else. The reporter offered his kid. His twelve year old daughter, to be taken away and raise by Demicurio to fight, to be a decent warrior. She already knew how to fire a gun. That girl was me. If i don't work for your dad, mine dies." she sighed, taking another drag and exhaling again.