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located in District Gamma, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

District Gamma

Sometimes called the charlatan's district, home to the Assassins' Guild.


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The Sewers

Victoria was nervous. It didn't help the fact that the sewers smelled, bombs were everywhere, and the enemy was skilled either. She could handle a blade, she could handle poisons, but open combat was something she wasn't well versed in. Her master had sparred with her, and he had not taken her easily, but this... this was the real thing. Butterflies raged in her stomach, and not long after they entered the dank sewer system, they encountered a group of men and women. Amon took the initiative, silently executing one before she could even blink. She thought this was a good idea, but before she could follow, a confused melee instantly developed as the Assassins lost the element of surprise. Jumping back, Victoria drew her sword clumsily, surprised at the sudden zeal of the attackers. Hopping back, she used her body to shield the bomb specialist from harm, noticing a woman break through the line. She cursed softly, and swiftly went to engage her. Her slash was parried by the woman's fighting daggers, and Victoria nearly met a quick end had she not dodged the fatal swipe. Using her waist, she shoved into the woman, sending her sprawling. She quickly moved in, stomping on the woman's hand and causing her to drop one of the daggers. Rolling out of the way, the woman scrambled back to her feet, raising the right dagger warily.

She lunged forward in a quick slash, which Victoria jumped back from. The apprentice responded with a quick thrust, but missed. The woman took the opportunity and spun past her, attempting to gut Victoria from the side, but the Apprentice jumped backward. The woman then suddenly spun to quickly kill the specialist, but Victoria's eyes flashed and the Woman was on the ground as the Apprentice doctor was above her, socking her in the face with a left hook. Raising the short blade, she sunk it into the woman's neck and sliced cleanly through her carotid artery. The woman choked, gurgling for a few seconds before closing her eyes and letting the tepid stenches of the sewers overwhelm her. By then, Victoria was back on her feet, more sure of herself now. She contented herself with being the rear guard, or back-up guard. Once more, she maneuvered herself so she had a good eye on the bomb specialist and the line of fighters.

The Nexus

Taylor was impeccable in his attendance. Though other members got away with tardiness, his being present was often scrutinized to find some sort of weakness to discredit him. His old, weakened self had huge difficulties with this. Even as he strode through through the halls to his destination, he still can almost see himself shuffling through the halls layered in furs and leathers with a face white as a sheet. Chills ran up the noble's spine.

The room was a big a fallacy. Justice, in it's purest form would not need such formalities and positioning of the furniture. This corrupted sense of superiority held by the politicians in the Nexus was balanced on money. All the evidence, bagged or stashed was neatly gathered with Loki. Lord Chandler waited in the wings as a witness. Everything was in place, and all they needed to do was execute it. However, considering the heavy bias in this room, it boiled down to who had the quickest tongue. It would be a large stretch to say that Loki could be of any help there. She was the brains, the princess that tugged on the strings but she could never speak publicly and win favors. Taylor liked to think that he could, but it was an acquired skill. He wasn't that different, aside from the fact that he was very young. Very, very young compared to most of the members.

Even as the trial began, and the Princess began her part of the case, Taylor felt a sinking feeling. Loki wasn't wooing the crowd, and even she knew it. Eyes were drooping slightly, and the subtle huffs of men who disagreed but did not speak could be observed. Her whole pre-planned speech had to be cut short in order to give the prosecution a fighting chance. This shouldn't be possible. Justice listened to every word, no matter how monotonous it may sound. There shouldn't be a need to twist words in a argument to get people to listen. This was the government of Revelation- a hive of the lucky and the arrogant. Pushing the cynical thoughts away, Taylor responded to his call and rose. This was his last chance. This was the big one. Caelin Taylor stood up, his soft green eyes reflecting calm passion.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Revelation is a city that took to the skies, blessed by our Goddess in the hopes that we were different from those who perished long ago. Our flying city, one that dominates the heavens over the barren wasteland below is a reminder to what we owe our own values toward, and how we should never squander the gift we received even now. Not even now, where current events have reached a peak far beyond what our ancestors bulled through in the past in order to survive. Justice. Honor. Sincerity. Prosperity. One of the four values we treasure and use as guiding lights every cold morning. Today, the prosecution accuses Prime Minister David Gilgamesh of the vile sin of Human Trafficking, Corruption, Kidnapping, Multiple Homicides of the first degree, Blackmail and Inciting widespread property damage."

This introduction was not an attempt to shadow Loki, oh no. It was to get the crowd up, lift their heads and eyes to the noble that gazed back at them with hardened emerald eyes that displayed utter honesty. "You see the evidence before you, laid out by Her Highness. I now call a proper witness to the stand, a victim of Gilgamesh's silent tyranny over the people of Revelation. Lord Chandler." As he finished, the old man stood up, and made his way over to the stand. Taylor thought he looked absolutely euphoric, finally able to exact a small bit of revenge on Gilgamesh for taking away his son. When the old man had finally sworn in and taken a seat at the witness stand, Taylor began to speak.

"Lord Chandler. Explain to us why you are here today."

Chandler cleared his throat. "To accuse Gilgamesh and those in close alignment with him of blackmail and kidnapping. He kidnapped my son and used him against me for his own means."

"What makes you think he is the one who performed this?"

"He used my son as leverage. As many know, I am a fairly strong moderate. He uses my influence for his own gains."

Taylor held up the blackmail letter. "Do you recognize this?"


"What is it?"

"It is the letter left to me when my son was kidnapped."

Taylor opened the letter, and read the contents. "Support Gilgamesh in his endeavors. Now, Lord Chandler, how are you sure this was of direct influence of Gilgamesh?"

"My son was kidnapped right out of his own home in District Alpha. Even if he or she wanted to, no petty thief would be able to do that."

"Thank you Lord Chandler." Taylor said quietly, sealing the one of the prosecution's best attack. As Chandler moved back, Taylor looked up discreetly. He thought he saw something move up there, but decided his mind was playing tricks on him. It was too critical of a stage to be fooled by an illusion now. "This letter warranted enough alarm for an informal investigation. By the constitution, I investigated the disappearance of Benjamin Chandler with the help of a group of contacts who found the boy in a cell in the sewers." Taylor paused. He didn't want to hand the names of his allies out haphazardly. "The boy was found in a chamber in close proximity to the Gilgamesh Estate. Further investigation revealed a secret passageway into the Gilgamesh estate as explained by these documents." Taylor held the papers high, as if everybody could read the words in crisp detail. His face was a mask of conviction.

Slapping the papers back down on the table, he faced the Magistrate "Is this the kind of person you want in charge? A man who is willing to kidnap, blackmail, and potentially murder to consolidate power? Is this Justice? Is this what Revelation wants to nurture with a smile? No. Those who resort to such lows need to be punished. There is no justification for such serious breaches in the law, there is no excuse for the intent to kidnap an innocent child to gain influence." It was Ezarael's turn.