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located in Temple in the mountains, a part of Sin or Virtue?, one of the many universes on RPG.

Temple in the mountains



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Ryoko saw courage charge out sword afront him and get thrown in, right after she had seen Lust get shoved back by Charity which earned a smirk to cross her lips. She thought she might have to give Charity some props for charging in the way she did but that was until she got caught, when she saw her get picked up and yanked into the air, started to charge off after them in case charity needed back up; instead she witnessed something that almost made her want to gawk and point, she had told the angel she had loved them.. just like she had said to her previously in the living room, she watched the angel bend to her will and turn on its comrades.

O_O" (the face was too epic to describe) She was trying to CONTROL HER?! Rain turned to face the uncoming angels as she charged with now blind anger at them. Taking to the air when she left from the door frame she charged staff to sword with one of the angels. Putting a power to use that she practiced on the way up the moutain she tapped into her "triangle vision" they triangles seemingly tatted on her eyes lit, her eyes bled over black allowing her to see everything in hyper speed, making everything she witness play to her as if it was slow motion allowing her to read the opponents moves before they made them. With that she dodged and countered the first attack piercing the angel through the heart with the bed of the staff

"YEAH! 1 Greed 0 Lust"

After raising her staff with a roar an angel had jab her in the left cheek almost knocking her out of the sky, turning to face her attacker she charged at him seeing the impending jab coming her way she stopped short letting him fall closer to her grabbing his arm she drug him forward letting him fall on the sharp tip of them emblem on her staff, and then tossing him to fall to the ground

"2 Greed 0 Lust"