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located in The Skycity of Revelation, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Skycity of Revelation



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*Assassin's Guild*
Danterus was attentively listening to Pandora in a congenial manner until the word “magic” smashed into him like a blast from the furnace. She was a mage, and he had no inkling of this fact until just now… This sudden realization shook him down to his very core by challenging both his intellect and perception. How could he have been so ignorant, so one-track minded as to not even read the information lain out before him? She had mentioned being a healer several times since they had met, and he just assumed she meant something like a physician.

The piece of bread he had clasped within his hands was only halfway torn now thanks to the sledgehammer of a phrase she had thrown out between the two, and was soon crushed between his powerful hands as she ran off at someone’s request. A strange look entered into his eyes, something of a lost bewilderment that seemed to focus on nothing and see through everything. What could this mean? He knew that all mages were no better than filthy animals…at least that’s what he did know until just now… Yet this Pandora was a pleasant person to be around…

The young smith lost himself in the wall he was facing for a long time after this incident. Finally, unable to bear the weight of his thoughts like this he just pushed his food to the side and lay his head down over crossed arms. He had some thinking to do before their struggle began.

Garbiel was seated patiently waiting for his turn at the dais. Loki’s speech had done more harm than good, but in respects to her age it seemed only plausible that she would not have as much experience with speech-making then Lord Taylor or himself for that matter. Lord Taylor’s did wonders to shake Lord Gilgamesh’s foundation with both his influential witness and incriminating letter, but it was still not enough. Like the other older aristocracy in the room who were familiar with more antiqued political techniques Garbiel knew that truth was not its quintessence, but it was what a person’s perception was, and in this case he had some bending to do.

The foundation had been laid for this plan some time ago when he had Scheherazade assassinate the one mutinous guild-member for wanting to reveal their allegiances to Gilgamesh in hopes to counter any efforts the blacksmiths could make. As far as the public knew the man’s death had been mysterious at best, and with the Guild’s policy of hiring servants to keep their allegiance he knew they would never turn their cheek on their respective clients. Luckily the four servants were also divided up amongst the rest of the remaining Manors until a new master could inhabit the empty building.

This was definitely a gambit he was planning to unleash on Gilgamesh, but they needed something like this to sway the minds of their peers in order to put the convicted down. Finally Lord Taylor had finished with his segment of the prosecution, and it was Garbiel’s turn to lay out the metaphorical chopping block. The aging smith stood up, his joints only cracking and popping one or two times as he did so, and took a deep bow as he turned to face the audience.

“Dearest noblemen I hope that a meager smith such as myself has had the pleasure of your acquaintance, but for our purposes I am Garbiel Forgefire, master of the Forgefire Manor and second smith of the Blacksmith’s Guild. For my witness I would like to call Nethanial Ironarm, the Head of the Blacksmith’s Guild, to the stand, and as supporting evidence the sizable stack of documents on the prosecution’s table will be called into question.”

After being called Nethanial quietly proceeded to the stand as a guard placed the documents before him. He was familiar with these papers already since it was both him and Garbiel who had discovered them in Izekiel Hammertongue’s office. The man should have known better than to leave such things lying about where anyone could find them, but in the first place he should not have been dealing with Gilgamesh.

“Master Nethanial, what are these documents placed before you?”

“They are documents retrieved from the late Izekiel Hammertongue’s office sir.”

“What do these documents concern?”

“They are a multitude of bills of sale between the late Master Izekiel and Lord Gilgamesh himself, signed in ink by the both and sealed with their crest. They are for the illegal acquisition of weapons without the Guild’s knowledge or approval, and upon further notice of the sums and totals you may see that the prices and volume of sale are exorbitant. Indeed the Crown requisitions less armament in the course of several years.”

A silence pervaded through the crowd at the accusation just placed before them, as indeed it should for it indicated the accrual of weapons enough to smother the Crown’s armory. Some naysayers called out forcibly for the proof until the Magister was able to gather some semblance of calm from the chaos.

“Please members of Parliament, calm yourselves. The evidence shall be available for inspection once the Magister has reviewed them himself.” After the guardsman carried to the Magister Garbiel then proceeded to question Nethanial once more. “If I may be so bold Master Ironarm what happened to our fellow smith?”

“He was assassinated in the dead of night after revealing his business with Lord Gilgamesh to our Guild during an important meeting earlier that day.”

“What was the import of that meeting and when did it occur?”

“This meeting was called after Lord Gilgamesh was arrested and charged by the Crown. It is standard protocol for all trade Guilds to hold a meeting whenever a member of the aristocracy or Parliament has been charged with a crime in case that any members have had business dealings with the accused. If they have this evidence must be submitted to the Crown for review and quite possibly charges might be lain if there is call for it.”

“Now Master Ironarm what did Master Hammertongue disclose at this time?”

“He came to us sick with worry and fright. Since he had not had much business for quite some time, despite our Guild’s best efforts, he had decided to make a business arrangement with Gilgamesh where he would charge a higher price for goods, against all Guild policy, in exchange for his silence and expediency. He said that he was worried what would happen should anyone discover their dealings in light of the current situation.”

“And it was later on that night he was murdered in cold blood?”

“Yes it was.”

“Is there any evidence that could possibly point us in the direction of his murderer?”

“No sir there has been not been any conclusive evidence discovered.”

That last statement was only half a lie since the dagger thrust in Izekiel’s heart had been retrieved by one of the servants soon after its discovery. They knew better than to leave anything of the like laying around in pressing times.

“Thank you very much Master Ironarm. That will be all for the moment. Magister I rest my case.”

After such a deluge of information Garbiel thought it best just to leave the end concise. He then proceeded to return to his seat next to Lord Taylor and Princess Loki. Praying to the Gods above that they had done enough to damage the Prime Minister’s reputation and have him convicted of his crimes. Without looking to his right where Taylor was seated Garbiel whispered to the nobleman quietly.

“Now the circus really begins.”