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As they arrived at the Castel, AUGER was at first overwhelmed by the size of the building. He'd been on Endro, a planet of all skyscrapers, and yet the fact that this building was built in ancient Rome and still stood was just astounding. He had a feeling he'd feel similar at the Empire State Building int Nuvo Yorka (which he hadn't really visited on leisure yet). Still, he could admire it later. Their appointment was approaching, and their meeting was to take place near the balcony towards the top of the building. He approached a guard situated at the entrance, who escorted them to the meeting place.

They entered a large room built out of fine grained marble, with a large opening that overlooked the entirety of Romahi. The edge of the opening was supported by two massive, white pillars that reached from the floor to the 30 foot high ceiling. A man was leaning against the railing, looking over the bridge that led back to the main body of the city. He wore an expensive looking black suit, which appeared to have been meticulously cared for. Two bodyguards stood at the ready should the others make a move. AUGER approached, his hands empty as a sign of goodwill. Still, the man he assumed was the senator did not budge. The android waited for a moment before initiating conversation. "Senator Voltome? I'm here to discuss business with you." He used a greeting typical of REAP employees who supported Jack (which had grown somewhat smaller in recent years, he had to notice).


Sentinel, meanwhile observed the room closely. It was quite possibly a trap, even if Voltome appeared vulnerable. He could see more security lingering in neighboring rooms, but nothing else was readily apparent. He would just have to wait until either the business was finished or the first move was made to act, and such a thought felt disturbing to him. He said nothing as A addressed the senator, acting like a typical guard until he was needed. As such, he was unable to address Laryn's request over the comm.