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located in The Skycity of Revelation, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Skycity of Revelation



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District Gamma - The Sewers

Victoria's eyes eyed the close-range fighting, trying to steady her breathing and trying to recall her training sessions. Peripheral, peripheral. He always told her to remember that. Looking back at the Guildmaster do what he did best, she noticed the struggle near Hera's area disconnect slightly. Victoria's eyes widened as she saw something her master often used when eliminating trackers at a distance. Her body was moving before she knew it.

A quiet thump could be heard, as Victoria fell back into the thick waters of the sewer. Pulling out the dart quickly, she looked at the at the case desperately and sniffed at it. She recognized it instantly, and scrabbled at her belt. She pulled out a small needle, and thrusted it into her arm, wincing slightly as the poison began acting. Convulsing violently, Victoria pitched backward and nearly disappeared into the dark waters before she suddenly regained motor control and yanked the needle out, discarding it into the water. For every poison, there was an antidote- thank the heavens she stocked up on the most commonly used kinds. Her limbs felt like they were on fire, but she was alive- and that's what counted. She swore quietly as she struggled to her feet- the smell was never going to leave these clothes. She felt around the putrid ground for her weapon, and grabbed it as the flow of reinforcements reached her and Scheherazade. "Hera!" she called out, unsure to why she did so. Perhaps it was camaraderie. Two men came in at once, and with her back to the bomb specialist, Victoria willed her deadened limbs to fight back.

Blocking a swing, she twisted her wrist in a practiced motion, curling her blade around the man's, and tore it from his hand with her waist movement. The sword flung across, disrupting the second man's movement for a split-second, enough for Victoria to find a weak point. She quickly jabbed, stabbing the man in the thigh. The saboteur fell backward, clutching at his leg as the blonde apprentice dispatched the disarmed first man. She then raised her blade, cold desperation in her eyes as the drove the iron through his left eye. She patted around, finding a vial on her waist and threw it- causing it to break against another man's head and spilling highly corrosive acid over his face. The bomber clutched at his head, screaming as toxic fumes raped his nose and eyes, and his skin began to erode under his very fingers. Even as the man was finished by a quick stab of Victoria's sword, there were still men hunting to kill the bomb specialist on the Assassin's side. Moving to cover him with her body, she raised her sword as two more men ran in to engage her.

District Alpha - The Nexus

Master Forgefire's documents and witness did excellent in bringing the case down on Gilgamesh. He was silently thankful for having such an old, respected master come up and provide such irrefutable evidence. Even as he listened to Forgefire, he was silently smiling as each metaphorical nail was hammered into the Prime Minister's coffin, he felt that things seemed to be going far too smoothly. As the old smith sat down, Taylor suppressed a slight smile at Forgefire's words. He wanted to say something, but Loki was already back up and ready to present the next part of the case. Taylor tried to take a quick look at Gilgamesh, but the man seemed impassive- as any good politician would be.

He nearly recoiled in surprise as Loki called on Seth Gilgamesh. Even as the Princess's own side of the investigation unfolded, the shocks did not end there. Burglary was something he didn't expect the Princess to partake in herself, no matter how liberal his views were about things in life. Though he wanted to laugh, he kept those emotions sealed tight under a blank facade. However, things did get much more grim as the true nature of Gilgamesh was brought out through his assumed plot. This was why Taylor firmly believed in the separation of church and state- this was insane. Taylor would have never predicted this would happen, much less that Gilgamesh's plot was to utilize the Mage rebellion as some sort of religious ritual sacrifice. Taylor wondered how Gilgamesh was going to take this- there was so much evidence piled against him, even his son testified against his actions.

His questions were answered as Loki was nearly killed by Gilgamesh's cane blade, causing Taylor to jump up. Soldiers filed into the room, and even as Gilgamesh ordered the soldiers to massacre everyone, Taylor reached for his Epieu. Except he didn't bring it. He quietly cursed his naivety- He thought that this was a trial that would go smoothly. There was no reason for Gilgamesh to bring so many soldiers- wasn't he confident he was going to win this case beforehand? Just as well, Taylor respected the ideas of justice, which included keeping weaponry outside of the halls. He had forgotten just exactly what kind of man he was dealing with. Even as the first soldier charged at him, Taylor quickly grabbed his sword arm, punching him in the stomach. The man's grip on his sword loosened, as Taylor kicked him and threw him against another incoming soldier- ripping the blade from his hands in the process.

Taylor instantly knew that he was ill-equipped with this sword- it was heavier than the lighter short spear, and the sword had much less leverage. He had no time to worry for himself, or Master Forgefire, or Loki, however. Even as he looked around, he was surrounded. He traded several blows with them, managing to gut one but losing the blade in the process as the man fell backward. Taylor wasn't extremely well versed in fighting- he couldn't dodge and slash like the assassins. Even as he ducked a decapitation swipe and tried to disarm the man, another blade flashed and cut his upper back. Flinching, the young nobleman managed to free the blade from his opponents arms, forcing him back and barely managing to block another thrust clumsily. Turning back around, he quickly stabbed the soldier he stole his weapon from, twisting then to try and aggressively force the second soldier back away to give him swinging room.

Taylor blocked another cut, but a second soldier joined the fray, swinging in a overhand cut that Taylor managed to parry. Suddenly, a hot flash appeared before his eyes as the first soldier too the opportunity and sliced Taylor in the side. Taylor twisted, bringing the blade back around desperately but the first soldier brought his blade down, cutting through Taylor's left collarbone. The second soldier followed up with a flat bladed swing to the noble's head that caused him to fall to the floor, coughing. His left side was in blinding pain, and even as Taylor looked up, a boot met his side and sent him rolling across the floor. Blinking the stars out of his eyes, the nobleman saw a downward pointed sword as the soldier raised it for the last blow.