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AUGER was not surprised to see the Senator in this state. He frequented the Senate on appeals for REAP, so he had the time to know most members, including Voltome, to some degree. As such, he knew that Voltome still had some power, and he would probably try to use it to leave some type of lasting legacy in the Galaxy. A just hoped he'd choose to do the right thing.

Voltome looked on at them from above, staying near the balcony. He did seem to be somewhat more tired today, and it was hard to tell how he felt exactly by this arrangement. Greetings. I would be interested in hearing your proposal. Well, at least he's willing to listen, thought AUGER. "Mr. Senator, I know you have some powerful connections all around Earth. I was hoping we could perform an exchange of favors." AUGER spoke to Voltome as if he were still in his prime; though, he knew, it would probably backfire on them int he future to take a favor. But persuasion was persuasion after all. "I wish to know the location of the Humans First headquarters on Earth. It would be in the best interests of REAP to know this, in order to reduce the risk of retaliation by Humans First members should we decide to expand on Earth. I realize I am not the type of man who could gain such information first-hand, so I would owe a lot to you if you could find out for us."

He spoke lightly in a typical REAP manner, hiding their true intentions behind the mask of business. He still had to gauge Voltome's willingness to help. No doubt he would be able to perceive that his stated purpose was not entirely true (although destroying the base would reduce the risk of attack), AUGER could always feign ignorance and walk away peacefully, but with both knowing they were on opposite sides of the equation. Then again, he may appear compliant on the surface while he was actually leading them into a trap. As an additional precaution, he tried to hide the fact that he knew Voltome was conencted directly to the HF in some way. He was sure, though, that Voltome's reaction would reveal all.