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located in The Skycity of Revelation, a part of Revelation: The Cure, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Skycity of Revelation



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*District Gamma*

The group of assassin’s to which Danterus had been assigned used the back alleys to traverse the labyrinthine District Gamma, which allowed them to head up the mage procession before any fighting had commenced. The leader of their group, a mid-aged man thin as a razor but looking just as deadly, had decided it best to wait until the other assassin’s had come within the general vicinity, yet when the small army bearing the arms of House Gilgamesh appeared to head them off and begin a massive confrontation between the two forces the man was at a lost. He looked carefully to each member of their group, hoping to gauge their reactions to this odd turn of events.

“What do all of you think we should do?”

Several of their crew began urging their intervention on Gilgamesh’s side, whilst another couple said fight them both. Danterus saw this situation in a different light than the rest, but probably more in tune with their commander than the rest. “We should wait. If they waste their energy on each other that will expedite our annihilation on whichever group prevails.”

The leader’s eyes squinted slightly at the proposal to denote his consideration, and with a silent nod of the head and a slight motion of his hand they proceeded to slip just a little further into the shadows of the alleyway. The plan seemed to be going smoothly, on the surface at least, or at least until they spotted one of the other groups of assassin’s they were working in conjuncture with rush into the middle of the fray. Soon several other crews, except for the one other that had stumbled upon their hiding place, rushed forward to engage carious enemies, but it seemed they were mainly focusing on Gilgamesh’s troops when some mage was not flinging magic at them as well.

“Gods be damned it’s Pandora.” Hissed Danterus in a half whisper half sigh.

“I guess we have no choice to intervene… Any ideas what we should do for a plan?” The leader seemed rather agitated at this point in time, and several of the others assassins became rather flustered at the sight of several of their comrades dying before their very eyes.

“Try to survive? Kill whoever tries to kill us?”

A frown crossed the leader’s visage at the half-suggestion, but nodded in approval as he signaled the two groups to move forward. As they collided with the main body of the conflict their momentum carried them closer to two of the original groups to begin fighting with the opposing factions. This proved to stun both parties momentarily, but just so that several individuals could be taken down unawares, but it did not take long for both factions to begin aiming at the newer threat, and this was a threat that had the potential to end both of their plans should they lost the upper hand.

Several quick kills had bolstered the young smith’s resolve in the conflict, but soon his lack of expertise began to show whilst fighting professionals. It did not take much time at all before his arms and legs became covered in blood seeping from several fresh wounds, and his guard lowered slightly at the decrease in strength from the blood loss. Looking over to the side he saw Pandora nearby, rushing about healing injured assassins whenever she could and dodging incoming blows from both parties.

A soldier in Gilgamesh’s faction took note of her tendency to retrieve the wounded and heal them. Deeming her to be a considerable threat the man began trudging towards her in hopes of trying to cripple the assassin’s medical capabilities. Danterus rushed over as quickly as possible, dodging whatever he could and pushing through the assassin’s front ranks to confront the individual. This man must have been an expert swordsman, and possibly a sword master as he easily deflected Danterus’ wild flurry of blows, eventually planting the point of his sword in the smith’s right side.

Luckily it had barely missed his vital organs, he hoped at least because he could still stand, and he used to chance to grasp the sword in an iron grip, almost effectively disarming his opponent, and swinging his rapier in a wide arc he brought the razor-sharp point across the man’s neck. A spurt of blood greeted both individuals as the one’s life bled out through the new opening in his neck while Danterus yanked the sword bodily out of his midsection. To keep the blood from slowing so freely he clasped his right hand over the wound, forcing him to switch the rapier to his left, and weaker, hand. Looking over at the young sorrowfully the young man shook his head slightly with a strange look in his eyes.

“Ms. Pandora you might just get somebody ki-….”

The sight of yet another sword slashing at him from his left forced Danterus to shift his focus and throw up his rapier to deflect the blow weakly. The most he could do now was step back and parry the incoming blows that seemed to drain a little bit more life from him. Calling back to Pandora without looking the smith called out, “I really think you should get back from here!”
Yelling loudly he planted his stance firmly and gripped his weapon with both hands, allowing the fresh wound to bleed freely. The young smith rushed forward to confront the enemy before him.

*District Alpha*

The Princess’ decision to call Seth Gilgamesh to the stand at this point in time worried Garbiel more than he allowed to be read by his visible expressions. It seemed rather hasty to bring such a controversial witness to the stand right now, and Gilgamesh never did anything with having some form of backup plan in place. If anything this would goad him into some action that could not be retracted.

Indeed the horrifying evidence laid at his feet by his own son seemed to transmogrify Lord Gilgamesh with each word that was uttered, but what was worse was that it was not a look of someone aghast at the charges they were accused of, yet it was the look of something snapping. He did snap all too soon as a blade whistled out of his cane to lash out at the Princess. Soon it was all chaos as soldiers rushed forward to slaughter the Parliament.

Garbiel lost sight of Lord Taylor as he quickly grabbed the elaborate wrought-iron chair he was previously seated on and used it to pummel an unsuspecting soldier that rushed forward. Luckily he was the closer of anyone to Princess Loki and Lord Gilgamesh, and the other soldiers were preoccupied with the other noblemen, for the moment at least. The elderly smith took the opportunity to hurl himself at Gilgamesh’s unprotected backside in hopes to bring the man down and strangle him with his iron-like grip.

If I can’t do anything else I must try and stop this madman. Contemplated Master Forgefire as he proceeded with his attempt.