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located in deep space, a part of Dead Drift, one of the many universes on RPG.

deep space



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Heather Bowman

Oh god. It was so horrible looking. And that wasn't the only one. There were more, crawling through the vents, creeping though the halls. It scared Heather enough that she was shaking like a wet puppy. She didn't want to die. Like hell she didn't want to die. It was so frightening a thought. Especially in such a foreign way. She'd never dreamed of being killed by such an odd creature. Admittedly, she wished that if she'd die, she'd die in a more...familiar way.

A few long moments passed before Heather realized that she was standing alone. She tore her gaze from the body and looked around, confused. Everyone was on the other side of the room. Wobbly, Heather began to make her way over to them. People were running for the door, and one woman picked up another and carried her. One of the men gave a wave to the people that were still close to where Heather was. Heather's face reflected her confusion. "What is going on? Is something happening."

Heather stood uncertainly, looking around. Why did she always have to be left out of these things, these announcements. She couldn't hear, so she didn't know. And ignorance wasn't always bliss. Right now it was making fear well in the pit of her belly. But she didn't know if she should stay with those that were over where she was or run over to where a few had gathered. It wasn't fair. First she'd gotten stuck on this stupid ship that she hadn't even wanted to come on, now she was trapped on the ship with virtually no escape, now she was missing out on all the important stuff.

"I don't understand." Heather said quietly. She sighed heavily. It just wasn't fair. How could this happened to her?